Sprint Epic 4G

Word on the street this morning is that the DI18 update to the Sprint Epic 4G -- that one fixes 3G upload speeds, Wifi battery drain issues, the inability to download from the Amazon MP3 store over 4G and e-mail lag -- has begun pushing out again after being on hold for a couple days. We haven't gotten ours yet, but we've gotten a few e-mails from those who say they have. And if you're the impatient type, Andrew Ruffalo in the Android Central Forums has an manual update method ready to go. Huzzah! [Android Central Forums]


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Epic 4G bugfix update pushing out again


Got mine on Saturday as did the wife. It drastically improved battery life for me and that is really all I have noticed.

did the manual update on saturday and noticed better battery life. So I then updated my wife's epic the next day. Living it so far. Gotta say samsung is doing a good job with support on this phone so far. It's only been available to the public for just a little over a month and we've had two updates that helped a lot.

got mines.. now the Epic is really complete minus FROYO.. battery life.. is super... speeds are 900 up and down... couldnt be happier!

I am just curious as to which app or program people use to check their speeds. I just got my phone Saturday and came from an Exclaim so am still learning as I go about Android phones. Pretty much got the basics down though.

3g has been uncapped and battery is way better. Batteryminder is telling me that I have 13 hours left on a 91% charge. Normally my battery life is somewhere around 4 or 5hours, so ven if this is inaccurate, it is still ahuge improvement. Granted, I am not running any widgets but I don't think it makes much of a difference.

I am using the Epic Experience ROM which has a bunch of stock things like the lock screen. For some reason, it feels way more like a legit android phone when it has the stock lock screen. Now I'm just hoping for an overclocked and undervolted version of the kernel like I used to have on DI17.

On 3G, got 1590 down, 721 up after the update, not sure what I had pre-update as I didn't know about the app.

4G got 2063 down, and 700 up again.

Got mine today in Fresno. 1200 down and 750 up... Battery performance seems to be improved as well. I guess we'll find out tomorrow after a full days use.

Ok, I got it as of 9:00pm. Kinda weird though, it only showed up after I updated my apps from the market. Even though I've been trying to manually update it all day. o_O

Funny, was checking out this thread, wondering when I was going to get it, and literally 30 seconds after downloading the speedtest app, I got alerted about this update... Seems to be done, we'll see how it goes....

Got this update immediately after receiving my Epic relacement. Battery life is fantastic. As of now, my phone has been on for over 12 hours and the the battery bar has a smidgen missing. Really happy about that. Previously it would be drained to below 15% right about now. Swizeet!