CyanogenMod for the Evo 4G

Are you rockin' one of the newer revisions (some 003 and all 004 versions) of the Evo 4G, and want some CyanogenMod loving?  It looks like the man himself has got you hooked up, and it's only a flash away.  You'll need to be rooted (of course) and we can help with that -- head into the Evo 4G hacking forums, do a bit of reading, and holler if you need some help.  The fellas in there may seem a little gruff, (looking right at you Jerzy, igotsanevo4g, d3xn2o and company ;p ) but they have a heart of gold and the wits to match.  They'll get you up and running and point you towards the right path. 

This one isn't Gingerbread just yet, give the CM team some time, but as far as custom ROMs go, it's the creme of the crop.  So what are you waiting for?  Fire up Rom Manager and go! [@cyanogen via Android Central forums]

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Downloading now Jerry!

htabbach says:

I am new so please help, where do I get this new ROM?

Rom manager. Rooted of course

That's so funny Jerry I saw that on twitter and was going to brag but you beat me to it. Can't wait for podcast.... talk about cm 6.2.

6.1.2. My bad

NYC Dude says:

I'm rooted and today installed my first rom on a friends HTC Hero. CyanogenMod 6.1 and shes loving it. But before I even consider this if it's a stupid question I apologize. Does CyanogenMod support the front facing camera and 4G on the Evo ?

dwhitman says:

Front facing camera, yes. 4G, not yet, although there are reports teamdouche has it working and 4G is in pre-alpha testing.

I have an Evo and I know 4g is coming but not sure about ffc. I never use ffc.

kevlars9 says:

Yes it supports the front camera and it will soon support 4g :)

Jerzyiroc says:


briankurtz79 says:

So after the new htc update with swype and block buster etc. I tried to root with unrevoked following all the instructions and it just stalls at the recovery screen. I had my hero rooted with cm6 so I'm not a complete idiot at this. Anyone know what I might be doing wrong? Thanks

smallpsych says:

As far as I understand, and I'm FAR from an expert, but the new OTA changed the hboot version which breaks the unrEVOked method. There are other, more complicated, ways to root though. Check out XDA developers for info.

billfold says:

check out this thread, so far it's the only sure fire way to root with that hboot version, and then from there you go to your Nandroid backup, etc.

actually the beta for unrevoked just went out a couple days ago. check their twitter and you can download it at their irc channel. that's how i rooted with the new OTA

actually the beta for unrevoked just went out a couple days ago. check their twitter and you can download it at their irc channel. that's how i rooted with the new OTA

briankurtz79 says:

Great. I don't even need or want any of this bloat ware. And swype isn't really any better than ultra.

BerryChoppy says:

I seem to can't update because my ClockworkMod Recovery is at grrr. :(

ckc90745 says:

excelent rom, the only draw back i see is battery does not last long i had it on for two hours and allready at fifty percent after charging all night

As soon as 4G works on it I'm in.

kfanciu says:

What hardware changes are there with the new version of the Evo?

andersonKA says:

so is swipe on this rom?

andersonKA says:

I have rom up and running, but when I attempt to back up rom using rom manager it gets to the white evo 4g screen and stays.. Fix?