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The Sprint Galaxy Nexus update that was scheduled to begin today has started rolling out, and along with the listed fixes, such as RSSI indicator fixes and LTE defaulting to on, there's a special gift that Samsung and Sprint didn't bother to mention -- local search has been removed from the device.

Yesterday, all models of the Galaxy Nexus -- the Google Play takju version, the various GSM yakju builds and variants, and the CDMA/LTE versions -- had universal search. That means you could search the web and things like contacts or media files all from the same spot. Apple and their lawyers take offense to that, and went as far as blocking sales of the takju model direct from Google for a little while. We get it -- laws are laws, and you have to follow them when they are valid. We hope this particular case is made invalid, but until then things are what they are. We don't like it, but we understand it.

The problem here is that nobody is telling us that updates are removing capabilities from our phones. We saw it with the Galaxy S III, though Samsung claims the international model was changed in error, and now we're seeing it on the Nexus models. Samsung, Sprint, Google, (and likely all the other US carriers) please tell us you're taking away features before you sneak in and do it. Is that too much to ask?

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Confirmed: Sprint's Galaxy Nexus update removes local search


I think the most amazing thing about this story is that there are galaxy nexus owners that aren't rooted.

I have a Sprint Galaxy Nexus and I'm not rooted. I don't see the point. I got this particular phone because it has stock Android software and no manufacturer bloatware. Why exactly would I need to root? It voids the warranty and there's a possibility of bricking the phone. Okay things may speed up a bit but this phone is pretty fast as it is. I don't see a strong case towards rooting in this particular case. Am I wrong? I don't know, enlighten me.

For me personally, I like to be able to tweak my phone to my liking. I like flashing kernels to improve battery life. The GNex does run quite well out the box but some ROM/kernel combos make it run smoother for me.

Cute but everyone doesn't need root. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Root doesn't not solve every problem.

>"The problem here is that nobody is telling us that updates are removing capabilities from our phones."

Do you really expect ANY company to tell end users they are REMOVING functionality with an update? We rarely even get accurate changelogs.

Very much in agreement that any and all changelogs need to show any and all changes (go figure), good or bad.

Could being hush-hush possibly be a way to keep litigation at bay? "Hey, this update says they removed XYZ. That's why I bought this phone! LAWYERS ASSEMBLE!"

I'm kinda ok with the manufacturers not telling everyone they've removed a feature this small of importance. Most people wouldn't even notice it gone. I only feel this way because I want the Android os to be as successful as Apple. If they were to announce they were removing a android feature, people may have less confidence in the future of Android. This is what apple wants. I'm okay with them keeping this quiet, but that's me, and I understand the reason of everyone else's opinion.

1. who cares bout local search.
2. soon android 4.1 is out if u already didnt flash to a stable 4.1 JB (gsm) rom.
3. 4.1 has the voice search s voice w.e u wanna call it so it doesnt really matter.
4. bye :)

I took the update but it failed--probably because I'm rooted. So I probably still have local search, but never noticed anything special about the searching. How do I see 'local search' in action?