Residents in Cuba can now download and use Google's Chrome web browser legally for the first time allowing the few Internet users in that country access to the software.

In a post on the company's Google+ page it stated:

"U.S. export controls and sanctions can sometimes limit the products available in certain countries. As these trade restrictions evolve we've been working to figure out how to make more tools available in sanctioned countries. In the past couple years we've made Chrome downloadable in Syria and Iran. We're happy to say that Internet users in Cuba can now use Chrome too, and browse the web faster and more safely than they could before."

What is your reaction to Google offering Chrome to Cuban residents?

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Chrome browser can now be downloaded and used legally in Cuba


Dumb terrorist joke aside, Guantanamo Bay is United States territory. It would have always been allowed there for personnel

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Do they even have Internet availability in Cuba... can you even possess a computer or smartphone in Cuba.

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Yes (kinda)...No....Yes (kinda)

They have Internet availability in Cuba but not for public/personal use. Only Government identities and buildings have Internet there.

Last I had heard you were not able to get a computer in Cuba, not legally anyways. However a lot of people have them, quietly, with no Internet access of course.

You can have a smartphone in Cuba, but again the service carrier (Cubacel) does not offer data, so really the 'smart' part of the phone is pretty much lost, effectively rendering them as 'dumb' phones

Internet cafés are widely available to anyone for 5$/hour. From monthly salary can average cuban buy approx 5 hours...

Internet at home is not allowed, on your mobile you can only have access to email, no browsing. Computers can be legally owned by anybody.