Apex Launcher

Just a quick heads up that it appears the update made available this morning for Apex Launcher is borking things up, from consistent force-closes to stealing babies from their cribs.

Deep breath, folks. We're sure it'll get fixed soonest. At least it better. In the meantime, we'd avoid this update. And we'll update this post just as soon as the update is updated to fix the update that broke things in the first place.

Update: And a new update has fixed the broken update. Huzzah.

More: Apex Launcher; thanks to everyone who sent this in

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codiusprime says:

Or just use Nova like all the cool kids.

cr33p says:

Wow, nice, now I have to reload my 3vo, I am de sensed, cant get to a screen to uninstall the update, already wiped cache and dalvik in recovery, still no go :(

Update : Pull down your menu before unlocking the phone, go into settings, uninstall update.

limeaid says:

Don't see any option to uninstall update. Does this option only appear on certain phones and/or certain versions of Android. I'm currently running stock on Galaxy S3

Vagrant_1 says:

Too late for me I loaded the update on my GSIII and my Asus Infinity ugh.

Thing342 says:

Really? I have 1.3.0b6 and it works fine.

iDroidd says:

the update was this morning and it's not beta, I was running beta as well and I have this tendency to just update everything when I see it there. I did, and now it's jacked LOL. Stick to the beta until things get ironed out.

iDroidd says:

Yup, did the update this morning and it's jacked up for sure.

@codiusprime Apex and Nova are almost identical, I own them both (paid versions) they have some slight differences. Using Nova doesn't make you cool, using more than one launcher and not being a sheep makes you cool. :p

Lord_Micron says:

Yeah, did the install this morning before coffee... ended up restoring from a TiBackup nightly to 1.2.5 on my SGS3 after trying clear data, cache, etc on 1.3.0. /awaits new update

And boo @ Sheeple... what are we, Apple users?! :P

rsanchez1 says:

Oh man that sucks. Coincidentally, Nova Launcher also received an update at around the same time, and as smooth as it was before, it's even MORE smoother now. Complete polar opposite of the Apex Launcher update. I'm really happy with Nova Launcher.

the720k says:

It would be impossible for it to be more smoother, as the correct phrasing would be "...it's even smoother now."

rsanchez1 says:

Thanks... jerk.

dr3167 says:

I think you mean, "Thanks, Jerk."

Wait a minute that's not right...

Try: "Thanks. Jerk."

Man, this Internet is hard.

JobiWan144 says:

Sorry, Apex, but I think we should start seeing other launchers. It's not you; it's me. Oops it had that backwards: it's not me; it's you.

work4crown says:

Looks like it is fixed now in the Play store at version 1.3.1.

ferrospork says:

Its fixed now.

ezmamos says:

Well that's all fine and dandy that it works now but all my settings and customization are all gone. WTF? Well if I have to start from scratch I guess I'll be revisiting Nova again. How disappointing.