Best Buy EVO e-mail

Our inbox and our EVO 4G LTE forums have just lit up with some potentially good news -- Best Buy is letting pre-order customers know that they're expecting a May 23 release date of the phone that's currently hung up in Customs. We just checked back in with HTC, and it's got nothing new on its end, but at this point any movement is welcomed. 

The EVO was supposed to be released at 8 a.m. Friday, May 18. But it and AT&T's HTC One X, which has been listed as out of stock for several days, have been held for review by the International Trade commission over issues with patents own by Apple. (If you haven't seen it, The Verge has nice piece showing that HTC has worked around the patent in question, so it's unclear whether there's a substantiative holdup, or if the delay is bureaucratic.)

On Wednesday, Sprint on its Community blog acknowledged that the EVO was being delayed by the Customs hold. All other questions have been referred to HTC.

It should be mentioned that Best Buy's new shipping date doesn't necessarily have to match up with Sprint's (or anyone else's for that matter), so stick around and hopefully we'll get something a little more official soon.

More: EVO 4G LTE forums; thanks, Rodrigo, and everyone else who sent this in!


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Best Buy sending e-mails saying EVO 4G LTE preorders ship May 23


I just got my email saying the same thing. I really hope this means shipments are on their way to the stores. Fu(ken Apple and ITC. I hate you both!

Speculation on their part? They could cause more of a stink if they are wrong. Also, they ship the 23rd so does that mean people will get them Friday or so? I am kind of glad I didn't preorder so I can just get one at the store whenever they decide to allow the sale of them.

I also got my email notice for the new release date of the 23rd.. I pre-ordered in-store.. for in-store pickup.. so I may be getting mine on Wednesday if they don't delay again.

Sprint will still be shipping pre-orders with the expectation that they will get to owners prior to national launch.

Pics or it didn't happen. ;-)

Wonder how Best Buy would be breaking the story here... Sprint defers everything to HTC, how is Best Buy able to circumvent that?

Best Buy didn't break the story here, they sent emails out to those that had preordered that the new delivery date was the 23rd and we all started posting that email in the forums. Now, if that date turns out to hold is another matter.

I can't attached a pic, but I just check my mail and Best Buy has given a new release date. I dont know how they did it, but GO Best Buy!

The email that Best Buy just sent states that "The new release date is 05/23/2012". This is the same wording as the email Best Buy previously sent when I pre-ordered my EVO on 5/9. That email stated "The new release date is 05/18/2012". If the EVO was supposed to have been ready for pickup on 5/18, then it would stand to reason that it could be ready for pickup on 5/23.

But then again, Best Buy needed to give some date before 5/18 came and went. We will see.

I just emailed asking for updates here is what I wrote.
"This is not a question or comment, more or less a complaint. I was one of several who pre-ordered the new HTC Evo 4G LTE and like several of them we were patiently waiting for our phones to be shipped within hours of the hold y'all placed on this device and the One X. We want updates and answers, how fast you are working to check on this issue. What if any investigation is being held. Has there been a patent infringed upon? When could we expect to see these devices in hand and on shelves. The investigation should be simple, turn on device go to area of interest that has the potential to be illegally placed on the device and check yes or no. If yes HTC can send an update to remove if no give us our phones that we paid for!" I think we should all start emailing and demand answers. This is great news if it is true but I still want to make a stand I want direct answers, a public announcement.

I just called my Sprint Store and they confirmed that the phone Will NOT be coming out tomorrow because its been "delayed". I asked what was causing the delay and she said "We have no information on that."

This is obviously a blatant lie since this information is easily accessible. I so wish I could cancel my preorder but there are no refunds on this useless 50 dollar gift card...

Patience man. It stinks but dont cancel. Thats what Apple wants. Fight it. and know that you will still be getting a fresh hot new phone, some consider the best on the market before any one else.

I'm still weighing whether or not I should even get the damn phone. The Multitasking thing bothers me to the point where I am seriously considering waiting for the GS3. I'm still leaning towards getting it, but I just don't like being lied to right in the face. I just wish I could use this 50 dollar gift card at radio shack, LOL! If I could, I would preorder there. I went there first, but the ditz behind the counter could not find the right "number" to complete the preorder, So I went to the lame Sprint Store. There is a reason that I have not purchased a phone from a Sprint store since 2009, and I have purchased 3 since then.

On a related note, I am no fan of Apple. The only Apple product I have ever owned in my adult life was an iPod video (Or was it the iPod 5?) I owned it for less than 24 hours before I took that POS back to Best Buy. Haven't bought an Apple product since.

I wouldn't assume the person was lying. Retail workers are notoriously under-informed, and if it wasn't a Sprint corporate store then it's even more likely that this person really doesn't know.

Considering that they sent out this email one day before the original release date, they can just as easily send out another email on the 22nd if the release date of 5/23 doesn't work out.

Hopefully it does work out.

This kind of thing always happens to me. I have bad luck with items I order and want asap. The funny thing I dont have this phone preordered. Its wierd being on the outside of an evo launch. Heres hoping you all get your evos asap.

I stopped by a Sprint store in Chicago yesterday the 16th not knowing about the customs hang up and was told by the Sprint reps. that the phone would be out on the 23rd.

the closer this thing gets stretched out to June 1st the better :-) I didn't feel like buying out the rest of my contract,...least not just yet.

U just might get ur june 1st date... Best Buy sent out new correction emails saying no more may 23rd.... All this is killing me Radio Shack wont even talk to me, all they say is we will call you when its here