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If you fancy a little pre-holiday treat for yourself, Best Buy might have something for you. For one day only tomorrow, Sunday Dec. 16, the retailer is dropping the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 to just $49 on a new 2-year contract. It's not the first time in recent months that the Android Central International and U.S. Best of the Best pick has been reduced. The difference this time round is that the Galaxy S3 will be available for that same price on the four big carriers. If you've been holding off, there might be little better opportunities to pick one up on the carrier of your choosing.

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Best Buy offering Samsung Galaxy S3 for $49 for one day only on Sunday Dec. 16


Very tempted to sign a contract for this phone. Since tomorrow is my Birthday and I've been wanting this one for a while..... Hm

Edit: wonder if this will be their usual "mail in rebate offer" or a legit $50 s3?

Talk all the crap you want about build quality, touchwiz, etc etc. The reality is, the SGSIII is the only phone you can get on all 4 major US carriers, many regional carriers, internationally, and has LTE in almost all of it's versions. A full six months after it's introduction it still hangs with top tier phones and there are plenty of great deals. The sales numbers just don't lie.

This is tough, for me. I really want to get my wife out of her Fascinate, but I wanted to wait until her Verizon contract is up in a few weeks and then move her over to a Nexus 4 on a T-Mobile value plan. T-Mobile will be cheaper in the long run, but this will be way cheaper up front, and it will be here for Christmas. Decisions, decisions...

I'd get if for her now with a new T-Mobile phone number, then in a few weeks port the number to the new phone and cancel with Verizon.

Hmm, I just picked one up a week and a half ago for $150. Before I bother calling, anyone know if they'll do a price match on this?

Nevermind, looks doubtful (figured it was anyway) since its both under "deal of the day" and listed as "limited quantities" (the latter of which is probably just bullcrap to get them out of pricematching).

Bull. if they give you trouble, tell them you'd like to return the phone as you are within the 14 day return. And then repurchase it. Then tell them that they could just price match it and save you both that trouble. Nothing pisses me off quite like a company that thinks it can have a different policy for returns than for price matching when the normal policy is to match.

Yes, I ordered 2 upgrades a week ago and they were delivered Thursday. I paid $99 each and just called them about the $49 special. They asked for my order numbers and credited me $50 each and I just received the confirmation email. No hassle, no static. If their goal was to make me a devoted customer, they succeeded!

Sorry for the late reply, but I bought mine from BB this past Monday for $99 (the price matched Amazon). I went in this afternoon and they gave me $50 back!

Is it on store too or only online? and also yesterday it says it's 49.99 for all carriers phone but today its showing 79.99 with T-mobile contract on best buy. What is this? Confused :/

Anyone know if this is only for new customers or someone with an upgrade (on Sprint anyway)? My GSII is looking a little worse for wear, but I'm almost a year from getting an upgrade.

They most likely will price match if go to a store today. They are usually good about that. They just price matched $150 price from for my note 2 without a problem.

My wife and I bought ours on Black Friday from Best Buy for $49 and although we could not get our in the store (they don't support T-Mobile there) we got them by mail the following week.. It was a steal and I recommend anyone who is on the fence about this to take it... I doubt you will see this deal again until the S4 is announced..

Amazon has it for .01 for new accounts and $50 for renewal. Only advantage of best buy is you get phone right away and you get the option for geek squad protection. But if you go to a best buy like me and get price match they may do the .01 price match even for renewals.

I don't see that offer on amazon AND best buy doesn't price match internet pricing. Source: Employee

False. Best Buy announced early in the Christmas shopping season that they are price matching web retailers.

Source: Personal experience. BB price matched Amazon last weekend when my wife and I ported our Sprint numbers to Verizon. I got the GS3 for $79.99 and she got a Razr M for a penny.

Same here. I got my S3 this past Monday for $99 (price match from Amazon). Then I went in today and they gave me $50 back!

They could offer them free and the two year contract would still be far more expensive than just buying the phone unlocked and grabbing a Straight Talk plan or T-Mobile's prepaid service. Why are people still impressed by 100 dollar savings upfront when they're still paying hundreds more during the contract?

Negative Ghost Rider. My Family Mobile plan from Walmart includes roaming. I just found that out last weekend ;)

I have unlimited data with my plan. It's unlimited 2g data: it's not the fastest, but it's perfect for using maps and streaming music.

This is exactly why i decided to pass on this deal today. Even though my current phone is over a year old i'd come out ALOT better just finding one online for a few hundred dollars. Very happy with my prepaid plan so I'll be keeping it.

Bought my S3 15days ago, for 149.00 @Walmart with a new 2years. contract.yhis is the second one in 15days, The sound on my phone keeps muting itself, thinking I might just return this an head on over to Best Buy an get me a hundred bucks for some Xmas shopping......

The down payment (price) of any phone ON CONTRACT is not extremely interesting. The cost of the service is what matters the most. Except for new releases, you can get just about any phone for a $1 to under $100 down payment. And then often get zapped $30 to $37 just to "activate" it.

Case in point- you can get the Evo LTE for $0 down payment now at Walmart:

Uh hello, please get your article facts straight here. The $49 is NOT for TMobile SG3. I was about to pick one up for my wife and then I saw it for $80 on BB???? BS

I just bout 2 S3 on Monday from best buy went today to get my price adjustment my wallet is very happy :)

wow..thanks for the post (I use this forum daily) I bought two (wife and I) for 100.00 ea, called best buy and they honor the price match so i'll get em for 49.99ea...can't complain : )

got 2 today one blue and one white for sprint, by the way verizon costumers were coming in and were told that verizon was down and they couldnt sell any verizon phones at the moment

Missed this sale as usual. I have notice that Sprint caters to New Customers only with most of these deals. What about the customers they have seems they will jump ship when there contract is up.....Phones are too high.

I went into the store and they only had the blue and white 16GB.. They also dropped the price of the 32GB one but none of the stores carried it. So I went home and bought the black one online for the 49.99. What a great deal, because the VZ store around the corner form bestbuy was selling the black for 200 and wouldnt match price.

Don't do contracts. Buy a phone on Craigslist and then do Straight Talk for $45 a month with unlimited everything. That's the way to go.

Can never find a phone in good enough shape on craigslist. They have been dropped so much sides look like someone used it like a piece of chaulk or the screen is cracked......

What I think is funny is how BB offering it for $49 is big news, however on Black Friday Samsclub was offering it for $.96. Double that with Walmart price matching at the same time that they were offering a $100 gift card with purchase. Final price for me: -$98.99 after tax.

I picked up another S3 yesterday for my wife, mainly because she still had a "Phone Freedom" rebate ($50 credit when upgrading) that was about to expire the end of the month. After taxes the phone cost $4.86.

We started by going to the main store which I've vowed to never step foot inside again due to a bad experience, there was literally over 100 people standing, sitting, roaming around in the cell phone area. An employee came up and took down my info then disappeared. After 45mins of waiting time I said screw it and headed to the mall Best Buy Mobile store. Walked in, told the manager what I wanted, he activated the device and I was out the door in less than 20mins!
Apparently Best Buys system was down yesterday for 3 hours which added to the chaos and the mall location said they was activating phones manually the same would have to key in the information later once the system was up...

All I know is I got an S3 for under five bucks and I'm off the hook for my wife's birthday in a couple days. ;)