Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Although all across the U.S. today folks have been snapping up Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1's like they are going out of style, those of us who live in Canada aren't quite there yet. However, we're not that far behind. Best Buy and sister company Future Shop are both now taking pre-orders for the sexy new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 -- buy in cost is on par with that of the U.S. meaning you'll be expected to pay $499 for the 16GB WiFi equipped version when it ships on the estimated date of July 22.

Source: Best Buy; Future Shop


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Best Buy Canada and Future Shop now taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Tab


Hopefully Samsung, or is it maybe Best Buy, will have their supply chain management issues worked out by then. Apparently there are very very very few Best Buys that you can walk in to and pick one up. There wasn't one within 300 miles of me (83709) that had even received any to sell. So much for a nationwide launch. I guess the only way for most to get one is to order it online somewhere. There is word out that you can actually get one at Fry's, if you have one in the area that is. Hopefully Amazon will actually ship today and I'll have one Monday. Course, maybe they didn't receive any either, who knows. Not good.