AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II

The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II is still fresh coming off the shelves and already their is a new firmware out there for it courtesy of DesginGears. Labled I777UCKJ1, the Android 2.3.5 build does have a few bugs in it but it also corrects some bugs as well. The run down? You got it:

Known Issues:

  • Home button haptic doesn't work


  • Home button lag
  • Lockscreen bug

New Features:

  • Overscoll glow

We'll leave the descision of  loading it up, all to you folks now that you what it breaks and what it fixes. You can hit the source link for more details -- if you do grab it or any other ROM built off of it -- make sure ya show DesignGears some appreciation.

Source: RootzWiki


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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II firmware update I777UCKJ1 appears in unofficial form


Just FYI, some brave souls who have flashed this latest leak found that it contains new bootloaders that render the "jig" trick to revert the custom flash counter useless (same as recent ROMs on the international version) - so be careful!