AT&T Galaxy S3 OTA AT&T Galaxy S3 OTA

Initial reports of users receiving the update has begun, still no official change log.

After its first major update from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean earlier this year, the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 is receiving another considerable update. The phone will still be on Android Jelly Bean, but it gets a version bump from Android 4.1.1 up to Android 4.1.2 (build JZO54K.I747UCDMG2).

Users are reporting an update file size of over 220 MB, which is definitely on the larger side. Some have had success downloading over LTE, while others have said they were forced to download over WiFi. It is also being reported by users that this update includes Samsung's multiwindow feature.

Keep an eye out for that update notification, and join the rest of our members in the forums to discuss the changes and fixes in the AT&T Galaxy S3's latest update.

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AT&T Galaxy S3 getting Android 4.1.2 OTA now


Yet again, Galaxy SIII users on AT&T are a bit late to Jelly Bean 4.1.2, especially those who have not received multi-window as of yet. (Not that I find it useful anyways)

As great as it seems, it would've made sense to release an OTA for 4.2 TouchWiz instead as 4.1 has already grown old.

Ha!! I actually gave up on this upgrade. I thought they would wait until after the S4 release but as the weeks rolled on....

Just root, flash, and be done with it already. Official updates are cheap compared to what developers cook up anyways.

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Unfortunately, those of us who would like to use the TW camera (and optimized Samsung camera drivers) are stuck on TW ROMs which only have 4.1.2 as the latest.

just got the update this afternoon, no less than 5 new bloatware POS apps from AT&T, so can't wait to drop these tools

I'm on sprint and got it a while ago for my sgs3. Not here to bash, just to say something about multi-window. It might not be all that useful, as others have noted, but it sure is cool as shit. I'm tired of my cousins and thier iphones thinking that the iphone was God's gift to man. Show them multi-window or photosphere and it shuts them up quickly. I could care less who makes the phone, I'm no fanboy here. I just want the latest and greatest. Is that to much to ask. I say keep switching brands to the best phone. Other oem will have to step up their game if they want to compete. In closing, multi-window is cool if only for that reason.

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I tried checking for the update and it says I'm running the latest version. I still have 4.1.1, completely stock at the moment.

After a while the server will send a message hey you have an update and when you hit continue it will change its mind to there might be an update. check back in a couple of days. and goes back to sleep again

yeah it seems like AT&T doesnt care to much about their customers to get updates out early to their galaxy s3 customers but we are just happy they finally got it out well i am anyway

Anyone here who is complaining should just get a Nexus phone or root. We all know these OEMs will never keep up with the upgrades. You want subsidized phones and that is what you get!

Phone said the update was available. Took over 2 hours to download on a very fast connection. Locked up phone twice to point of needing to reboot. Then failed when trying installing without an error code. Now phone says I have latest version, but list version as 4.1.1. Not even able to check for update for another 20 some hours. AT&T fail!

Ouch... I started it last night at midnight (it is our unlimited download period from the ISP), it was going extremely slow on our 20Mbps connection. When I woke up, it had stopped at like 20%! And it stopped multiple times throughout the download with perfect WIFI signal! :/
AT&T seriously need to get it together... I wish you luck on that update. I am strongly considering rooting, I'm so sick of this waiting game.

Why is this taking 2 1/2 hours to get to only 71% on a good fast WiFi conection? Am I missing something in my settings?

No it is taking a crazy amount of time to download. Wife is getting PO'ed at me it's taking so long.

Server must be getting hammered is my only thought.

Took just over an hour for me. One reboot running smooth now. Multi Window works well. There is an all share toggle in the pull down that I think is new. New button icon to kill all tasks. Running at about one gig of RAM just like 4.1.1.

So far so good!

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There is also a new L. E. D. Toggle for voice recording while screen off. Turns blue. 4 at&t apps but they can be disabled.

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Super last one. Has the photo gallery just like the note 2. Just checked it against my wife's.

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!The phone will still be on Android Jelly Bean'
I understand this is 2 updates behind but this makes it sound worse. Even if it was 4.3 it would still be just jellybean.

I was doing good downloading up until 51% and it just stopped and closed now when I try to update again It just loops and closes is that your issue as well?

Mine did that too, but after trying again 15 mins later it started up again and was much faster. Download finished and it upgrading now. It takes take 2+ hours to download.

I left it for a few hours and came back to find it stoped at 80%. Now its coming in faster and almost done. Must be server load at ATT.

I tried to update and it says the update was interrupted and it would check automatically in the next 48 hours? But it said I could check in 24 hours after I tried again when it failed the first time! It said this last night so I have to wait til tonight to check it again!!!!!! :-( :-(

Posted via my AT&T Galaxy S3 running Android 4.1.1

It is coming down at 229.89MB. Had to manually check for it. It is downloading pretty slow and warning " not leave wifi coverage area."

So it took about 2-hrs on wifi, which disconnected twice. It did pickup where it dropped off, fortunately. The "Stay awake" option in developer mode probably helped.

Ok guys i need help. I updated and now every time i open folders on the homescreen the animation is very choppy. anyone else having this problem? how can i fix it?

Same problem here, phone acts like low ram. Atk shows over 1000mb available. Candy crush runs slow!..........seriously? Thanks for that at&t

Shoot! My phone just received the update this morning. I thought it was something new, then I see this post from the end of July. Better late than never, I guess.

Just recieved this "update" and now I CANNOT swipe to call from SMS text messages. I use this feature all the time and after the upgrade, it no longer works!!

So I tried to update my at&t s3 to 4.1.2 last week when I realized it was available, everything seemed to go well until it did not stop downloading the update when it reached the total file size, I let it keep going and do its thing and finally it stopped at 367 MB instead of 229 that it showed. Then it froze and showed that the update was interrupted, and ever since, when I tried to update it again, it tells me that my current version is up to date, it's been over a week and nothing has changed. I looked all over online and no one has really had this problem but me. Then I came across this site, it may be wishful thinking, but if anyone has any idea on what I can do to get this update, I'd be forever grateful! P.S. I have tried to factory reset with no luck..

Updated from Samsung Kies and had no problem whatsoever (with the upgrade process). I will, however say I'm disappointed to see some of the changes they made to the SWYPE functionality for SMS, etc. I "seem" to have lost the ability to capitalize by simply swyping up above the keyboard (or type in ALL CAPS by swyping up and looping above the keyboard). Also, the keyboard appears to be a little smaller which is a bit more difficult for those of us with large hands and fingers. I'll get used to it though --- just as I have on every other occasion when an update came along. For those of you bitching and complaining as though the apocalypse has now arrived because the update took so long, the timing of its availability, insert-whatever-complaint-you-have-here... Just go buy a freaking Motorola bag phone and be done with it already. People get tired of your constant bitching because you don't feel you arrived on the "cutting edge" quickly enough. /rolls eyes/