AT&T Galaxy S III

Just a quick heads up that while we're waiting on official word from AT&T regarding actual availability of its Galaxy S III (you'll recall that Sprint and possibly T-Mobile have pushed things back a little), do note that the arrival date for preordering devices is now showing "on or before June 28" instead of June 21. (It's unknown whether that affects previously preordered devices, or new ones. We'll update you here when we find out.)

We'll likely be told any change is due to the unprecedented popularity of the phone. Or, if you're like us and would really like to give someone some money for a phone or two, you'll start to wonder what the holdup is, and whether it links back to previous production problems.

Anyway, looks like we'll be waiting an extra week on AT&T.

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AT&T Galaxy S III shipping date slips a week


Well Verizon, it looks like your uncanny ability to give out nebulous release/shipping dates is paying off. Now I'm just going to hope that your Share Everything rates were nebulous too!

That's because the demand is high. I'm sure the original orders will go through. All new orders will ship the 28th

sure glad im in europe and got my hands on this bad boy. Be strong my US friends! It's so worth the wait!:)

This is the stupidest article. They have no proof it's being pushed back, they are just basing it on what the other carriers have done. If you don't have official proof then can you say that the date is being pushed back in a headline? Shoddy work here

Well now... it says its being pushed back one week because it used to say "on or before Jun 21st" not it says "on or before Jun 28th" thats one week. Its not based on what other carriers have done because its a simple fact from the preorder page of ATT. The proof is all there... the only thing missing as said in the first line of the article is the official statement from ATT.

As for you hate for the headline.. 100% confirmed or not titles like those are what catch peoples eyes. I mean what else would it have said.. "Confusion on the ship date of the GS3 on ATT develops as preorder ship dates are extedned" yeah that would be accurate but its too long.. its too boring... and i've already lost interest.

I have the blue one and the white one on the way from sprint. Got the confirmation and UPS shipping code today. I will have it tomorrow.

I pre-ordered mine on the 8th.

I just called best buy mobile and was assured for tomorrow for at@t phone, and I saw a post about how they get their phones direct from Samsung not at@t and was also told that was true as well. Fingers crossed!!

Just talked to at&t to see what the deal was and why it hasn't shipped yet.. They did confirm it has been delayed a bit but they gave me a date of the 24th of june.. which is a sunday so then I should get it on the 25th.. which is kind of weird.. if its true then I will just go into the store on the 24th and try and buy it.. But regardless.. have to wait a little longer..

alright.. just checked my email and received an email from at&t.. here it is.. "Thank you for your recent order, we value and appreciate your business. We are pleased to inform you that your order has shipped. You can review the status of your shipment(s) by clicking on the tracking number(s) below.".. checked the tracking number and says estimated delivery is tomorrow.. woo hoo.. hope it comes true.

Just received an E-Mail from AT&T saying

"Thank you for ordering from AT&T. Customers that place their order prior to 3:00 PM CST on June 18th may receive their device on or before June 28th. At AT&T, we promise to ship our products in the order in which requests are received"

I ordered on the 6th.

On the forums it looks like orders are starting to be updated from 'Backordered' to 'Processing', so maybe there is still hope for the first batch of pre-orders.

They've started shipping for scheduled delivery tomorrow!

Didn't get an E-Mail yet, found out when I checked the order status page.

Same here. Pre-ordered on 6/6 and no email yet but order page on the ATT website shows phone has shipped and will arrive tomorrow.

I pre-ordered my S3 on opening day (6/6) from AT&T and just received shipping notification 10 min ago. Should have it in a day or so.

I ordered on 6/13 and was told by rep that my number is active and phone is ready to be ship...also to expect an email today or tomorrow confirming shipping.

I pre-order on June 6th, I just got my shipping confirmation 35 min's ago, I will receive my Galaxy S III tomorrow via FedEx standard overnight shipping!! I cannot wait!!