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Moto 360

The Moto 360 will support Qi wireless charging

We've yet to see the Moto 360 come across the FCC's testing docket, but its charger? That just scurried across the test bench — with the Moto 360 itself in tow as "Test support equipment." Normally a standard plug-in charger would not find itself under scrutiny from the FCC, after all they're all...
Google Glass

Android Wear: The step backward we all really want

Android Wear is coming this week, and before its official launch it is already more popular than Google Glass. This simultaneously excites and frustrates me, because in several ways I feel that Android Wear is a step backwards from Glass. Well, not technically a step backwards. More like the step...
Galaxy Gear Orange

Samsung allegedly launching an Android Wear smartwatch at Google I/O

Samsung is apparently set to launch an Android Wear smartwatch this upcoming week at Google I/O. CNET is reporting that the upcoming wearable is one of several new devices to run Android Wear. LG and Motorola are expected to show off new watches as well. Samsung is taking its experience with...
Android Wear

Android Wear video highlights Google's design views

Google's Android Wear platform will likely be a major talking point at this year's I/O conference, which will be conducted next week. Ahead of the event, Google is giving a glimpse of what its new platform can do through a series of videos posted to its YouTube dev channel. The latest video...
Moto 360

Moto 360 could cost £199 in the UK

One of the big unanswered questions with surrounding Android Wear devices relates their pricing. But today British outlet MobileFun says it has the first UK price details for Motorola's Moto 360, the circular wearable many have been salivating over since its announcement. And according to the...
LG G Watch

Leaked specs of the LG G Watch reveal 36 hour standby time, 4 GB internal memory

With a reported launch just under a month, we're starting to see more details emerge regarding LG's G Watch. While yesterday's rumors alluded to the fact that the smartwatch will be more affordable than Samsung's Tizen-based Gear 2, today's leak gives us a look at the internal hardware of the...
Android Wear on an LG G Watch

Android developers shed light on designing apps for Android Wear

We're all still excited about the prospects of Android Wear, and a few new looks on what it's like to create apps for the new wearable platform are building the anticipation. Taking to the Android Developers Blog, design and developer advocates Roman Nurik and Timothy Jordan walked us through the...
LG G Watch

Here's an early look at Android Wear on a preproduction LG G Watch

Details on the yet-to-be-released LG G Watch are light at the moment, but at least one person has had a quick look at a preproduction model at the LG G3 launch event in London. As you can see in the above video, this is very much an incomplete product. (Our German isn't very good, but we hear the...
Google demoes Android Wear notifications

Google demoes Android Wear notifications

In a Google+ post, Senior Developer Advocate at Google Timothy Jordan highlighted how notifications will be handled on Google's upcoming Android Wear platform. Basically, any app that serves notifications on your Android smartphone or tablet can be extended to show notifications on a wearable...
One variation of the LG G Watch hits the FCC as the LG-W100

One variation of the LG G Watch hits the FCC as the LG-W100

Although LG hasn't really tried to keep the G Watch a secret, they're not exactly going out of their way to tell us all about it either but that may soon be coming to an end. Hitting the FCC recently is what is reported to be one variation of the G Watch otherwise known as the LG-W100. According...
LG G Watch

LG G Watch makes an appearance alongside the new LG G3

If you were watching today's livestream of the LG G3 announcement, you might have noticed this little gem — another brief appearance of the LG G Watch. Still no word on when it'll actually be available, or what it's going to cost us. But that LG is showing it off remains a good sign.
Moto 360

Moto 360 valued at $249 in official Motorola contest rules

One of the things that's been up in the air about the Moto 360 has been its expected price,, though Motorola may have tipped their hand thanks to the legalese requirements of contest law. We've been looking at the Android Wear-powered smartwatch and wondering just how much Motorola planned to...
LG G Watch

... and LG takes the lead in the Android Wear marketing race

Ah, the extremely rare Star Trek/Knight Rider/Inspector Gadget trifecta. Well played, LG. Well played. Your move, Motorola. Source: LG
Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung accounts for 71 percent of the global smartwatch market

According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung controls the global smartwatch segment with a market share of 71 percent. The South Korean manufacturer shipped 500,000 smartwatches during the first three months of 2014, which is half of the 1 million sales it registered in all of 2013. The numbers do...
Motorola exec Mark Randall calls current smartwatches 'pretty crappy'

Motorola exec Mark Randall calls current crop of smartwatches 'pretty crappy'

Motorola executive Mark Randall isn't just proud of the upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch — he thinks that the current crop of wearables are "pretty crappy" in comparison. Motorola is understandably excited about the Moto 360, the Android Wear-powered wearable is a notable step up in software and...
Slick new video shows off the LG G Watch once more

Slick new video shows off the LG G Watch once more

We continue to inch ever closer to actually seeing the first Android Wear watches, and tonight LG has rolled out a new promo video for its LG G Watch. "LG defines the smartwatch," the 53-second video says, noting that it's "compatible with Android" while showing it against wireframes of an LG...
Here's how you'll charge the LG G Watch

Here's how you'll charge the LG G Watch

One more little nugget out LG's new G Watch promo page, from which we got our first look at the champagne gold and white version. It looks like you'll be charging it through some sort of dock, judging by the connector we see on the back of the watch. LG also reiterates that it'll be water-...
LG G Watch

LG G Watch will come in gold, too

Good news for those of you who want your gadgets in some color other than black. LG tonight has taken the wraps off a champagne gold G Watch, which will be one of the first members in the Android Wear club. And, well, that's pretty much still all there is. No real date for the G Watch (or its...
LG G Watch

LG G Watch to launch in the UK this summer for £180

While we anxiously wait to see what the first Android Wear device out of the gate will be, it appears that LG may try to take that title. As there were very few announcements so far, it seems like an obvious battle between the Moto 360 and LG's G Watch. Now Pocket-lint has confirmed that the G...
G Watch

LG shows off the G Watch in all its rectangular glory

The first good look at LG's newest wearable While much of the Internet love affair with Android Wear centers around the Moto 360, plenty of folks are just as interested in LG's G Watch and it's more angular design. We haven't really had a good look at the G Watch from the existing press, and it'...