T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3

With all the Jelly Bean leaks happening for the International Samsung Galaxy S3 we were starting to wonder if and when it would leak for a U.S. carrier. Wonder no more though as an Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean build for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 has now popped up. In order to get it loaded up, you'll need to be running a stock device and then flash the Jelly Bean build over top of it.

  • Download and install stock (if you are not already on stock rom) This is needed as a base. The update will otherwise fail
  • Download OTA
  • Apply zip in recovery menu
  • Enjoy Jelly Bean 4.1.1

There hasn't been a lot of user feedback as of yet, so like always, you'll have to proceed with some caution. If you do manage to get it loaded up though, drop by the Android Central Forums and let us know how things are running. All that said; if you're not sure about doing all of this it's best to wait or ask in the forums for some further clarification on to go about getting it done.

Source: XDA; via: Android Central Forums; Thanks, Zylograth!


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Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 leaks out


Damn Samsung, they are rocking it lately. Though they haven't pushed anything, seeing leaks this early after release is encouraging.

If you connect to a WPA Enterprise TLS wireless network, be prepared to lose the ability to connect once you upgrade to jellybean. Google has broken the ability to connect to many Enterprise level wireless networks in Jellybean. There has been a bug report into Google on it since early July, but so far Google has failed to resolve the issue. Wireless should work okay with most Coffeeshop type wireless networks and on WPA Personal networks. http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=34212

i have been running JB for a few weeks its very nice but it kills some things that make the s3 the s3 like burst shot some motions speaking to answer or reject other then that its golden

That's not JB that killed your experience... that's CM10... The features you speak of or Samsung software that CM10 does not support.

It's nice to see Sammy moving up quick. and T-Mo has my vote, they are killing it with the unlimited wireless and other jazz. Looks out AT&T and Verizon, someone is going to try to kick your butt!

Msannnn.... JB for Touch Wiz looked better... but I HATE It.... I mean... I really tried keeping Touch Wiz... but after spending aalot of time with ICS/JB on my nexus switching to Touch Wiz was a disaster lol....

Just tossed Paranoid Android on there and now I'm very happy.

Can I install the update? My phone is T999UVALEM and it says needed PDA is T999UVDLH3? What gives. I'm confused about this. Also my phone is rooted. Is this the final version of JB for TM?

Too bad T-Mobile's network is down right now in Cleveland, Ohio!! Waiting patiently for a Verizon Leak!!

how can i downgrade back to stock i cant log into my amazon mp3 player, and i cant flash tha new leak keeps giving me an error