Here at Android Central we love our contests, and last month Phil broke the news that one of our lucky forum members would be the recipient of a brand new HTC Evo 4G when the device is finally released on Friday.

Well, today we make good on that promise and without further ado, the winner of the Evo 4G is forum member dwhitman! Thanks to all of our readers who participated!

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Rob220 says:


wsguede says:


for some reason i couldnt get the link to work... :(

sevans76 says:

congrats Dwhitman, I am green with envy that you will get I 4 free but none the less. I will have mine friday.

dwhitman says:

One happy camper here.

Thanks Phil!

maxiang says:

I'm going to use your name as a curse like when Kirk screams "KAAAHHNN!!!"


PaperMate3rd says:

As hard as this is 4 me to say, IIIIIIIIIIIIIII hooooooooooooope yoyoyoyoyoyoyoooooooooou ennnnnnnnnjoy yayayayayour Evo! There I said it! LOL but seriously man rock it with respect and destroy those icronnies with your android dominance. And one last thing no matter how much better smartphones get. Never SELL that one if it comes time to pass it on bless as you have been blessed it's smartphone code of ethics 101.

weehooherod says:

Oh noes!!! Congratulations dwhitman, enjoy 4.3" of pixel packing crystal clear lcd screen!

isaacl says:

Since it's such a BIG device, can y'all raffle off one more? Please??

isaacl says:

Oops - double post.

Saepak says:

Congrats DWhitman.

crash0515 says:

Congrats DWhitman.

Phrozen2nd says:


samurikuma says:

Congrats man enjoy the new toy.

I think they misspelled the forum member username. It should've read AndroidCentralSean.

Congrats! Lucky!

DeanoMartin says:

Congrats Dwhitman!

r-nice says:


jedisrus says:

So close and yet so far away. Congrats! And thanks Phil for being so generous with your phones!

xontic says:

I am solely disappointed, yet I can't hate you for it. Congratz dude.

Enjoy it as will the rest of us come Friday.


With a very envious jealous grrrr congrats...please tell me or us how it is from a regular persons point of view. No offense Phil. Reviewing journalist are a breed


matr1x#AC says:

damn. haha. congrats.

xrellix says:

Damn u dimwhit! Now i gotta buy my own Evo! Congrats.

gcims says:

(Gave up on trying to post the winning link)
Congrats buddy. Hope the Evo and that big beautiful screen helps you out.

tonie says:

One lucky guy. Congratulations!

gabato says:

Congrats DWhitman.

AND thanks for having the contest.

TheSammyE says:

Congratulations DWhitman.

stalker says:

congratulations buddy.

Nikola says:

The man did not write anything smart and he got the device .. Anyway congratz..

bllackkman says:

Damn it I never win anything!!! But congrats and if he doesn't claim his prize I will gladly take it off his hands

Mamashine says:


avacomputers says:

Bogus, it was rigged from the start. CONGRATS

Paladin says:

dwhitman! Congrats man, that is awesome!!!

cmason1015 says:

Congratulations! Enjoy your EVO!

12MaNy says:

Bullocks!!! J/K...congrats DWhitman.

tarund says:

this effin sucks man! i wanted to win! screw you dwhitman!

OK, now that's out of the way, congratulations dwhitman! i'm definitely going to a Sprint store to steal, err, buy one of these beautiful devices.

rrasho24 says:


Jo_795 says:

congtratz!! wish i t was me