Prime Day Android phone deals 2024 — early discounts and what to expect from the sale

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A Google Pixel 8 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, OnePlus 12, and Motorola Edge Plus 2023 alongside some plants

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The dates of Prime Day 2024 haven't officially been announced yet, but Amazon has wasted no time in dropping some stellar Android phone deals while we wait for the big sale. If you simply can't hold off any longer, you'll be pleased to know that we've gathered all of the best currently active Android phone deals below.

From Google Pixel to Samsung and everywhere in between, many of the best Android phones that money can buy are currently seeing some stellar discounts ahead of Prime Day 2024, such as one offer that slashes a historic 35% off the Motorola Razr Plus (2023) or this deal that drops $250 off the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

Keep reading for a comprehensive selection of our favorites, and check back later if you don't find anything today: we'll keep adding new early Prime Day deals in the coming weeks. Interested in learning more about the upcoming sale event? We've also created an FAQ section that will answer all of your most burning questions. 

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1. OnePlus 12 256GB:$799.99$699.99 at Amazon

1. OnePlus 12 256GB: $799.99 $699.99 at Amazon

The OnePlus 12 is probably our favorite flagship on the market today, balancing incredible performance with two days of battery life, years of software support, and an eye-catching, singular design. Grab the device unlocked from Amazon today and you'll instantly score a $100 discount. Prime Day, who?

2. Google Pixel 8a 128GB: $499, plus free $50 gift card at Amazon

2. Google Pixel 8a 128GB: $499, plus free $50 gift card at Amazon

Google's latest midrange beauty literally just hit store shelves a few weeks ago, but you can already buy the unlocked Pixel 8a from Amazon and get a free $50 gift card with your purchase. There's a good chance that the phone will get some kind of discount when Prime Day finally hits, but this gift card deal is sure to disappear soon. 

3. Google Pixel 8 Pro 128GB: $999$749 at Amazon

3. Google Pixel 8 Pro 128GB: $999 $749 at Amazon

Get one of the best Google phones ever made at the best deal we could imagine. Weeks before Prime Day is presumably set to kick off, the unlocked Pixel 8 Pro is sitting with a cool $250 discount at Amazon, no strings attached.

4. Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus 256GB:$999.99 $849.99 at Amazon

4. Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus 256GB: $999.99 $849.99 at Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus is pretty much a masterclass in balance, packing loads of premium technology, years of guaranteed OS upgrades, and AI-powered software features into a compact phone that feels a little like an iPhone. If you order the S24 Plus unlocked from Amazon today you'll instantly receive a nice $150 discount, no strings attached and no trade-in required. 

5. Motorola Razr Plus (2023) 256GB: $999.99$649.99 at Amazon

5. Motorola Razr Plus (2023) 256GB: $999.99 $649.99 at Amazon

Amazon is currently selling the Motorola Razr Plus for 35% off, which is the biggest price drop that the innovative foldable has ever received by a considerable margin. For $649.99, you're getting a clamshell device with an elegant, versatile construction, Snapdragon chip, and one of the best cover displays on any flip phone yet. 

6. Motorola Razr (2023) 128GB:$699.99$449.99 at Amazon

6. Motorola Razr (2023) 128GB: $699.99 $449.99 at Amazon

It might not have the giant screen of the Razr+ or the flagship-tier processor, but it's hard to argue with a brand-new foldable phone for under $500. Plus, it's got a more eye-friendly 6.9-inch pOLED display than Samsung's foldables and a plush vegan leather back for extra style points. Oh, and it's very hard to argue with $250 off for this pre-Prime Day deal. 

7. Motorola Edge Plus 512GB (2023):$799.99 $599.99 at Amazon

7. Motorola Edge Plus 512GB (2023): $799.99 $599.99 at Amazon

We called the Edge Plus (2023) the "best flagship smartphone that Motorola has produced in years", and now you can get your own with a sweet $200 discount at Amazon.

8. Google Pixel 8 128GB: $699$549 at Amazon

8. Google Pixel 8 128GB: $699 $549 at Amazon

Google's base model flagship doesn't get discounted very often, which is one reason why this early Prime Day discount deserves your attention. Take $150 off instantly when you buy the unlocked Pixel 8 at Amazon, making this extra-smart phone feel like an extra-smart deal.

9. Google Pixel Fold 256GB: $1,799$1,299 at Amazon

9. Google Pixel Fold 256GB: $1,799 $1,299 at Amazon

Google's first foldable phone delivers elegant hardware, the best camera on a foldable, and now a great price thanks to this whopping $500 Amazon discount. Don't settle for a foldable with a mediocre camera! Get the best with the Pixel Fold.

Prime Day FAQ

When is Prime Day 2024? 

The dates of Prime Day 2024 haven't officially been revealed yet, but Amazon has confirmed that the sale will take place in July once again. The 2023 and 2022 sale events took place on July 11th-12th and 12th-13th, respectively, so we can probably expect this year's Prime Day to occur around the same time. We'll update this page once we learn more. 

How do I find the best Prime Day phone deals?

Naturally, if you want to find the best Android phone deals during Prime Day 2024, I recommend bookmarking this page and checking back on a regular basis. If you want to look beyond the confines of Android Central (traitor!), you can also sign up for one of Amazon's weekly newsletters or do some price history tracking on a site like You'll see a lot of prices jumping up and down over the next few weeks, so using a price tracker can help you stay oriented once the madness begins next month. 

Do I need to be an Amazon Prime member to shop on Prime Day? 

Prime Day was specifically designed to benefit paying Prime subscribers, so you'll need to be a member if you want to enjoy the vast majority of discounts during the sale. Fortunately, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial that lets you explore all of the benefits of Prime Day for a full month without paying a cent (don't sign up until July 1st, just in case). You can also expect many of Amazon's biggest competitors (Best Buy, Walmart, etc) to be launching rival sales of their own around the same time, and those won't require a membership.

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