The Galaxy Note 7's S Pen can't go in backwards

After what turned out to be a large phenomenon of people putting their Note 5's S Pen in backwards, rendering some of its functions useless, Samsung has made the necessary adjustments to make sure the same doesn't happen with the Galaxy Note 7.

Though Samsung made mid-cycle adjustments to the Note 5's design that mitigated issues with putting the S Pen in backwards, the Galaxy Note 7's S Pen won't even begin to go into its holding slot the wrong way. You'll get a couple millimeters in before it stops completely. Going a step further, the Note 7's S Pen is also completely waterproof, just like the phone itself, meaning you have even fewer ways to break the stylus accessory for your new expensive phone.

Good job, Samsung — and now we can finally put this long national nightmare behind us forever.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7