Facebook sync on Sense

Facebook sync has been borked for a few days now. That's not news to a good many of you, judging by our inbox and a slew of posts in our forums. We're still waiting to hear back from Facebook, but HTC absolutely is on the case, and while they're tracking down exactly what's going on, they've given us a possible workaround:

  • Try adding a city and state to your current job in Facebook.
  • Try deleting your current company in Facebook.

We'll update you with more just as soon as we get it. But hang in there, everybody. They're working on it.


Reader comments

What's up with Facebook and Sense?


Very strange. It must be a regional thing. I'm in the Houston area and have not had any problems with the Facebook sync over the past few days. Even now it works just fine. EVO

I'm in the WI area, and after a factory reset last week, my Evo's FB contact sync is borked. No matter what I try to throw at it, including clearing the friendstream / fb for htc sense cache and data and reauthorizing the applications on the PC FB client. It's annoying to say the least, I'm going to have to try the workaround in the article tonight.

My 'FriendStream' hasn't worked for a month or so now. Doesn't FC or anything but wont update either. I've tried all the hack fixes but have given up and just have the twitter and FB widgets on a home screen now. Lame...


Mine has been down since last week. Been trying all the fixes on the net and nothing is working. Hoping the fix is on the horizon.

My Friend lives about an hour from me and asked me the other day if my friend stream was working, his has been out for a while. Mine is still working perfect.

I've had my Aria for about a week now and have not been able to pull my contacts from Facebook or sync the profile pictures since I got it.

I had this issue about a month ago and someone suggested logging out of FB on sense and log back in. It sorted it but meant it took ages for all my contacts numbers to sync back up with FB. Small price to pay

I'm in FL and haven't had an issue at all with Friend Stream. I'm getting all my updates from FB with it.

Lucky for me i rooted my incredible. I backed it up the same day. When mine acted up i thought it was something i did and i restored it to how it was right after i first rooted and everything with me

I tried the suggested fixes but no luck on my end. Still not syncing facebook contacts. Friend stream is working fine for me just no contacts.

I just added a City, St to my work and I was able to add it in my accounts again. Now to see if it syncs my contacts and pictures...

I've been having this problem for at least 2.5 days now. Just added my workplace (didn't have this before) with a city and state. Still can't sync contacts. Tried logging out and back in again when I first noticed this, but that didn't work either.

Wondering if removing HTC Sense from my Facebook Application Settings will help?

hey I added a city and state to my job and Friend stream started working. But it did not sync the contacts. I deleted the company to see if the contacts would sync but they did not.
Friend stream has been working though. I have an EVO and I am in Port Saint Lucie, FL... for those who are interested.

It's not regional. I'm in Houston with an incredible and it hasn't worked for about 3 wks now. I'll try this workaround tonight. Thanks for spotlight this issue.

Tried removing HTC Sense from the Applications Settings in Facebook and I still can't get the contacts synced.

I think a better question would be: Why can't Facebook make an app that can actually perform?

I hate how many times to perform something on FB, even something as simple as reply to a notification from the app, I'm forced back to the browser.

I was able to connect to facebook for htc sense after adding a city/state to my work. I am seeing certain updates in the friendstream but my friends are still not syncing to contacts.

Bah, FriendStream is a buggy, janky mess anyway. You're better off using the Facebook app by Facebook. FriendStream kills the battery, prevents sleep, doesn't update properly, and, as we see here, breaks suddenly. I ditched it, and am happier for it.

I'm also concerned that this broke recently and across devices. The app hasn't been updated on all of the effected platforms. So what gives? Either Facebook changed something that affect how Sense logged in (possible), or this app is being routed through some HTC system that HTC has changed (disturbing).

My FriendStream isn't messed up but no contacts are syncing. I've had an issue with the pictures updating since I got the phone a few months ago.

My Facebook Sync has been borked all weekend. at first I thought it was because I downgraded back to the rooted 1.47 rom for CM6 and the updates were fine there (and also on my Palm Pre).

I'm not getting the same problem that your have in FriendStream. That app seems to work fine for me. My EVO is not updating pictures and status updates in 'people' HTC's contact app.

Facebook for HTC app is trash, it never loads any of my friends contact pics. I have friends that updated a new pic weeks ago and HTC FB app still showing the old one, smh.

Its not just in the USA that its having issues
my wife's legend has been unable to sync her contacts with her FB for a week here in the UK ........ come to think about it I don't think my nexus 1 has synced either

I was actually able to get my account to authenticate in the accounts & sync section of settings. However, nothing is actually syncing up anyway...

Been having the same problem on my Samsung Captivate on AT&T. This is a Facebook problem because even some non Android phones are having problems syncing with Facebook right now.

I have been trying to get my "Facebook for HTC Sense" account to sync since I got my EVO on 7/23/10 with a warning "service is unavailable". I thought it was estimated by HTC to have this resolved by the end of the weekend.... Thank You For This Post! I was driving myself crazy repeatedly trying to connect.

My 'FriendsStream' doesn't work period....oh, that's right, that's because I have a Sprint Hero and we werent given that capability. Thanks HTC/Sprint. Real winning move there. I guess Ill just have to settle for the half assed app that passes for Facebook.

I did a reset on my EVO last night and now have this issue. tried the walk around no dice. uhhh i didn't use friend stream but liked the why i linked my contacts and photos.... please fix soon

I updates the location for my current job on facebook, and that fixed the stream problem for me, but I still can't sync my contacts on my phone with their facebook accounts. It's just coming up no matches listed.

Had to factory reset my Eris last week, could not even sign into Facebook Sense. I had to delete the entire listing for my last job, once I did it connected and sync'd.

Hey, I own a myTouch Slide (TMO) in Honolulu, and my FriendStream works awesome! Buuuut I have the "zero friends" error. I can't sync any Facebook friends with contacts. And when I try to load contacts>facebook it says I have 0 friends. It's a well-known issue and is plaguing many. Any one have any word on how to remedy it?

Im in Copenhagen, Denmark, all my friends with Facebook sense on a htc phone got the same problem as all of you guys. Ive been told from the danish support that the support-mailbox is overloaded so perhaps something will happen soon....pretty shitty niether facebook or htc are telling something official about the problem.

Ok folks a simple fix as I had the same issue.

Go into the Phone settings and then Applications.

Scroll down and click on the button to clear the cache.

After that and it should work fine again..

Hope this helps.

Clear the cache of what, exactly? I cleared the cache of Facebook for Sense and it did nothing...

I get Friendstream updates, but nothing from contacts still..

Looks like this might be fixed now. My contacts were not syncing last night and today they are. Give it a look! I didn't have to do anything, they just appeared again automatically.

nope mine not working either, I just got my phone OUT OF THE BOX today and have been spending hours learning and setting up and noticed that i can not login to facebook via htc however i can through the facebook app installed. None of my contacts are sync'd with facebook... We need a fix! I just get an error each time i try to log in via facebook htc that says "the service is currently unavailable" do you want to try again. Well i have tried and tried and nothing.
Any suggestions.
The cache clearing didnt work.

I just performed a hard reset, and that seems to have cleared up the problem for the most part for me. I still can't link to 2 sole profiles, even though there contacts in my phone, list them as having contacts on facebook i can link with, and they show up when i try and set a link to anyone besides them, but won't show up in my facebook list when i try and link for them.

Still 2 out 70+ contacts isn't bad IMO.

SWEET! We are back in bidness. I opened up my phonebook and to my surprise there was all my fb contacts. Also, my Friend Stream widget is updating every hour as scheduled. Before I would have to manually do it.