We've seen Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile release their variant of the Galaxy S III so far, and all three have been rooted. Nobody really expected it to take very long, but it's still nice to know it is done, and the devices are now ready to reach their maximum potential.

Of course, you don't have to root your phone, and we don't blame you if you take a pass. The methods aren't abnormally difficult or different, but they're a bit more complicated than simply clicking a button. Then there's that pesky issue of voiding your warranty to think about. It's something to consider before you jump in. If you're ready to give it a go, the links are below.

Root your US Galaxy S III: AT&T;  Sprint; T-Mobile


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Three US Galaxy S IIIs released, three Galaxy S IIIs rooted


You better be frak'n around with us. A threat like that should get you banned since it would cause a heart attack by about 1/4 of the Verizon pre-order users.

I installed clockworkmod recovery and rooted almost in the first minutes of activating the phone (Sprint). Easy as hell with the gsIII. The party has started, CM9 is near!

Rooted my AT&T GS3 this afternoon - three downloads, about three steps, and I have Titanium backup again. Which made restoring the rest of my apps a 30 second job compared to the two days I've spent adding things back and configuring them piecemeal. Love the devs!

That`s crazy, to root this phone anyway, it has fast processor and enough Ram to run your apps plus internal and up to 64GB storage, what else do you asking for?
How much it`ll be enough to you guys? No reason for it. That your phone do what you want to do, that show you have no interest in the phone anyway.

Rooting is not only used for increasing the clock speeds and hardware performance of the device, though it is common. Rooting allows the owner to customize his/her phone any way they want and its mostly harmless--seriously. anything from small icon changes to full blown replacement ROMs--Not everyone is happy with TouchWiz. Plus Wifi Tether Works :)

Don't understand your reasoning here. Rooting has nothing to do with lack of hardware prowess as much as it has to do with individual choices.

Rooting allows at a minimum to get rid of OEM/carrier installed ROM you don't need/want on your phone, allows the use of programs such as Titanum backup to do more comprehensive backup than allowed on stock (unrooted) Android, allows you to install utilities such as those for CPU speed control so you can reduce the CPU clock/cycles and decrease battery drain when full power is not needed and many other things.

For others rooting allows the installation of stock (or Touchwiz-less) Android for a cleaner experience, or installation of complete custom ROM/kernels to optimize performance and take advantage of hardware functions not accessible via the OEM ROM.

So to each it own... so liveas you like and let others live as they like.

Wifi tether works on root, you can get rid of completely unnecessary and annoying bloatware, I've had my phone rooted (Original Droid Incredible) coming up on 2 years now and haven't used any CPU-altering apps in close to 8 months. There are an abundance of things you can do while rooted besides control hardware. I, for one, will be rooting my GS3 not long after I get it just to delete Verizon bloat and get free tethering, I don't plan on installing any custom roms or anything of the sort because I like what Touchwiz has to offer (believe it or not). So its actually a very useful thing to do

Anyone have another link to the instructions? I went to the XDA site and hit a page that says "you do not have permission to access this page." I guess because I am a new member.

I lost root for an hour on my Gnex with the over the air. I about went crazy with all the ADs that popped up. Been rooted since day one with ad free so I didn't realize all those ads even existed. If I did nothing else I would root for only that reason.

Isn't it at this point a right of passage to root your phone? I mean sure you don't have to but its so much better with root. 8^)