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A rather large box arrived with us today, courtesy of Three UK. The surprise package was to signify the network's updated SIM-only plans, which have recently been re-vamped. We all love a bargain, and the prices are certainly pretty friendly towards heavy data users, as we see a reduction in the minimum cost of Three's "All You Can Eat" data plans. Customers can now pick up a SIM on a 30-day contract with unlimited data for as little as £12.50 per month. You also get 5000 SMS and 200 minutes as part of the deal, so the new deal shaves a few pounds off previous packages, though you also lose around 100 minutes.

So the number of minutes you need each month will dictate the plan you require. There are three plan options with nine price points, each with increasing numbers of bundled minutes.

The Ultimate Internet Plans range from £12.50 to £15.50 per month, all with the same All You Can Eat data and 5000 SMS. Included minutes range from 200 to 600 per month, and you get a discount if you take the 12 month contract instead of a 30 day deal. The One Plan is still very much in full affect and remains at £25 per month. Again, data and SMS is the same as previously mentioned but in addition you get 2000 minutes -- more than enough for most people I would imagine -- in addition to inclusive tethering.

The final option is the Essential Internet Plan, and these are designed for customers who are not so reliant on data consumption. prices range from £9.90 to 12.90 per month and data allowances are either 500mb or 1GB per month. Once again, voice calls and SMS varies depending on the package.

For more information jump on over to Three and check out the deals on offer.


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Three UK updates SIM-only plans, unlimited data now starts at £12.50 per month


In the land of capital and opportunity one would think services like this would be abundant......what a shame. You brits are so lucky....why did you lose in 1776?? hahahaha

I went over to London for the Olympics (from the USA) and my first stop was to a 3 store to pick one of these up. Granted I paid the 15pounds, but it was a great deal. This, plus my unlocked nexus from Google, plus the Talkatone app, meant free calling to the US. Plus it was great for using gmaps, and also creating a wifi hotspot so my wife could surf on her iphone.
This was totally worth it even though I was only there for a week.

Ive been buying unlocked phones for about 6 years. They are much better than locked ones. Better features and options like the Wifi tethering. Plus ATT still thinks I have a "dumb" phone from 2005. Which means I have unlimited data,mms,sms all for $30. Ha.
I used to go with Nokia E series as I really liked having the physical keyboard. The nexus is really nice and fast. I am still getting used to typing on a screen, but other than that, I think it is worth the extra cost.