An update is being rolled out to Samsung Galaxy S5 owners on T-Mobile that touts improved performance in audio and software stability. The update is a little over 86.46 MB and is marked as baseband G900TUVU1BNG4. Unfortunately, it's not an official update to 4.4.4.

T-Mobile's S5 had another small update earlier this summer, and another bigger one with VoLTE support. With any luck, 4.4.4 will land before we're too far into the back-to-school season.

To check for the OTA update, dig into settings and look under About Device to initiate the Software update. If it's not popping up, you may need to plug in your S5 to your computer over USB and update over Kies. How many of you guys are using a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5? Have you got the update yet? Noticing any marked improvement in stability?

Thanks Julio!

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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 gets stability update


Good job Samsung and carriers for still being stuck on older version when everyone else is on latest.
And good for people and editors who say who cares as long the current version works.

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The Moto X
But 4.4.3/4 were mostly to fix stuff that were screwed up on the Nexus and Moto, the beta testers...

Funny, those are the two that do it right (HTC does it best) as opposed to the other crapware out there. ColorOS? MIUI? CM? Sony? Stock? Not even close

OK tell me something that the other do better than Sammy and LG. I am talking about a quantifiable thing, no a subjective thing.

I will start. The camera is better on LG/Sammy than any of the ones I listed (possible exception of ColorOS and that app they came out with last week, I havent played with it yet.

It's all what you want, for me software is top priority than anything else. I can't tolerate the software lg and Samsung puts, even though the latest iteration of lg skin is vastly improved compared to pervious version. I'm not against skins, as an example I don't mind HTC sense it is completely non obtrusive. So it depends on personal preference at the end.

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Fair enough. Sense is far and away the best of the bunch. If I could have Sense on the G3 it would be the perfect phone.

Umm.... HTC are the very worst when it comes to software updates. They generally do not support any device older than a year and update the version only once. I know from experience and will never, EVER, buy another HTC product of any kind again.

You must be new around here. HTC has gotten MUCH better with them.In the past they were absolutely horrible but in the last year they have been great. Time will tell if they can keep it up.

I agree with you 100%, my HTC G2 only got 1 update and that a device running Vanilla Android, my wife's HTC MyTouch 4G got 1 update is all as well So far my wife's TMo Galaxy S4 that came with 4.2.2 has been upgraded to 4.3, 4.4.2 and recently to 4.4.4 which is pretty significant for a 1 1/2 year old device to be running the latest version available. My Nexus 4 of course gets all the updates but we're talking about non Nexus devices here.

The only issue I want them to fix is front facing camera poor picture quality and speaker phone volume ...people cant hear me on speaker that clear

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Agreed with Terrence Thompkins - 4.4.3 to 4.4.4 was not a major update. From what i have read it addressed security issues.
Now 4.4.2 to 4.4.3 is a bit more of an update. But still not a huge major ordeal.
I for one am glad to see the carriers and manufacturers stepping up the bug fix updates and also making sure the actual number updates come correct and debugged.

I actually started receiving the download and had to go looking for information, instead of vice versa. Kinda nice to get an unexpected update instead of spending the afternoon applying it manually or via KIES.

I recieved the update but not noticing any difference yet. But tmobile is by far the network to be on in the new york area. Fast LTE and always getting updates!

This update fixed the horrible bluetooth audio streaming skipping i've had when connected to my head unit. Milk and Google play music both fixed so far.

I got the update this morning. Took about 3 minutes. It sounds like the speakers are a little louder now and overall performance of the phone seems a lot faster...

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I downloaded the update about three hours ago. From the I started to the time the phone was operational again was about 5 minutes.

It seems to be more responsive and snappy. All is smooth at the moment. I did notice, however, that the email app may have been tweaked as the email signature is not in the same place.

Sent from my highly technically advanced, NSA approved mobile communications device. Please excuse any mispelings.

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Still have blue tooth streaming music issue, skips with Google play just like before the update. This is so annoying i thought it was a issue with my bose but apparently it happens to others.

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Wouldn't it be an awesome day when a software update gets released and the masses don't complain about it?! I mean, perhaps we need to create a post that helps the layman understand what's involved with the development of a software rollout. Just thinking out loud. ;)

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May have to break down and buy this handset. I have a Galaxy light right now and a iphone 4. Still deciding to either get a new phone or replace my Nexus 7 with something newer.

Since having the update for a couple days I have noticed an increase in the max volume. My phone seems louder now not a lot but just enough to notice.

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I updated this morning. I've noticed that my phone isn't charging as quickly as it had prior to the update. I used two different chargers and both with same results. I'm typing now and I've lost 1% while charging.

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