Samsung Galaxy S

Not to be left out of the fun, T-Mobile appears to possibly be getting a phone that looks suspiciously like the Samsung Galaxy S. The Bluetooth SIG has approved a Samsung SCH-T959 following the Samsung T-Mobile naming convention with specs that point to the Galaxy S. Features listed for the device are a 4-inch AMOLED touch screen, Android OS, and TouchWIZ 3.0. Confusingly, the SIG report also calls the phone the T939, which is the Samsung Behold 2, but could just be a typo. [UnwiredView]

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Toro says:

I hope so! I'm anxiously waiting for either the Desire or Samsung Galaxy to hit T-Mo. I'm fine with either one but I know the Samsung will have 720p playback (well atleast the Galaxy did)

Blueriver says:

Until that actually comes out and get good reviews, I wouldn't trust Samsung smartphones.

I heard they just dismiss their software development team for the phone once the phone is released and only 3 people take care of software support issues. Duh.

NickF227 says:

Can T-Mo plz go get a better network so I can go back to using them? Thanks!

kenshiro#AC says:

Hell yes!

misterfan says:

Surprised T-Mo is keeping with some nice phones. :-)

ChocoBilly says:

Is this phone coming to VZW?!