T-Mobile Galaxy Tab date

The T-Mobile Galaxy Tab will be available Nov. 10th, according to a leaked slide deck. Just days after Verizon announced that its version will be available on Nov. 11, T-Mobile's plans were leaked. We learned of pricing a few weeks ago, which will be $399 with a contract, $649 without. No word yet on data plan pricing, but that is sure to be announced soon. 

That makes two carriers out of the four; if Sprint and AT&T follow suit around the same time, we should be in for an exciting few days in the second week of November. [TmoNews]


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T-Mobile Galaxy Tab available Nov. 10?


dont think i need that
but i'll take one or more of those under $200 android
wifi tablets to use as a tv remote control and reader
around the house..
using tightvnc and androidvnc now to run the pc hooked up to the tv
now but the phone is a little small for this...
7-10" screen remote control would be ideal
in another year or so they'll be commonplace

Good luck with that $200 tablet. There's a reason the quality ones (and the JooJoo) are going for $500 and more.

My prediction? Now that I think about it, I'm not sure what my prediction will be. A 7 inch wifi only. A 10 inch wifi only, far superior to the iPad, should be able to sell for more than the iPad. (Apple makes up for the low price by selling the apps.) A 10 inch 3g? Same deal. So where does that leave the 7 inch 3g? Of course, if the iPad price drops, so will the Galaxy Tab.

Anyway, I'd have no problems paying $600 for the Galaxy Tab. If you bought your phone off contract, you'd expect to pay $500 or more. And this is a bigger phone. (With the phone disabled or removed.)

I'd heard there was no bluetooth on the device also. That's so, if you want a keyboard, you'd have to buy Samsung's overpriced one. I hope that the "TBD" (to be determined) means that they're reconsidering the $650 price since Sprint and Verizon are $600.

I wonder if Best Buy, Radio Shack, and the department stores are going to be carrying the Tab in their wireless departments. And if they'll be selling T-Mobile's at $50 more than all the other carrier's versions.

Yawn. Locked into cell stuff, small screen for a "tablet", proprietary connectors, expensive.... No thanks.