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It's Monday, and that usually isn't very fun to deal with. Rather than getting down in the dumps about starting another work week, why don't you get it started the right way by watching or listening to the latest episode of the Android Central Podcast. Episode 203 is full of Motorola talk as we break down Phil's Moto 360 review and the release of the new Moto X, but there's plenty of other great Android discussion as well.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get to the podcast page and watch the latest episode today.


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Start your week with the Greatest Android Podcast in the World!


In other words, there is absolutely nothing going on in the Android world today

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Actually, we've often promoted the podcast again on a Monday. Got away from it for a bit. Decided to start it back up again. But thanks for your concern.

Did you guys do a desire 820 review ? I was looking at it earlier today & it looks like an interesting phone

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