It's just over a week until we're expecting to see the next Samsung Galaxy Note unveiled in Berlin, Germany. As such, Samsung's ramping up the hype surrounding the upcoming tablet/phone hybrid, today releasing a new teaser video that gives us our first fleeting glimpses of the device, along with a guest appearance from 'Wings of Desire' director Wim Wenders. Not much is being given away, but the new Note is described as "a thin and light thing, which might suggest that the expected increase in screen size hasn't resulted in any extra bulk in other areas.

Check out the full 37-second preview video above. We'll be live from Berlin next Wednesday to bring you full coverage of Samsung's Mobile Unpacked event.


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Samsung teases Galaxy Note 2 in IFA preview video


Normally I might be inclined to agree, but the S3 is a fantastic device. No regrets here. Jellybean will only make this phone that much sweeter!

I'm waiting on Note 2 as I want a phablet. I will go with S3 if there's no Note 2 in US stores by the end of october.

Would love to get a note 2.But i am satisfied with my s3. Both are pretty amazing. When jelly bean gets here for the s3 it will be awesome.

I'm on the lucky side... I have two lines\phones. Used one upgrade for my S3 and as of Sept 1st have a second upgrade coming. So that will be for the Note 2, if and when Sprint gets it. :-)