Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus update

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus Android tablet has a small bugfix update available. No real idea of what's new, other than "software and stability improvements," but the update takes half of forever to apply, which is a little surprising given that it's only a 19.38-megabyte download. We'll keep an ear out for any real deets on this one. Otherwise, head into the settings and get your update on.

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Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus gets a bugfix update


I'll be one happy camper if this fixes the WiFi issue we've had testing these at work. They've been useless because they won't get any connectivity when connected to corporate network.

Also, hoping the Peel app gets updated (vendor said Samsung was holding it up for some reason when I asked why it mostly didn't work with my Sharp).

Is this in addition to the update I got on mine a couple of weeks ago? Good luck getting any information on what the "bug fix" actually fixes. Said the same thing two weeks ago and I have yet to find any information on what bugs actually got "fixed".