Samsung Galaxy Player Samsung Galaxy Player Samsung Galaxy Player Samsung Galaxy Player Samsung Galaxy Player Samsung Galaxy Player
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Croak#AC says:

It's a humpless Galaxy S I9000 with an extra speaker. Which means it's made of (win)-(hump)+(speaker). :)

Finally, an iPod that isn't made by Apple! :D

onixblack says:

Its kinda thick for a player. Don't Cha Think?

Meh... I'm not really sure I want ANOTHER device just for media... I already DON"T USE my iPod Touch because once I slapped that Seidio 3500 Battery in my EVO I haven't needed anything else to entertain me

Kyle Gibb says:

This is aiming at the iPod Touch market (which I know from experience is huge, larger than the iPhone market I would wager).

lil_sunshine says:

Agreed, there are a lot of people who cannot afford (or whose parents won't spring for) the expensive data plans that come with smartphones. The iPod Touch and the Zune had been the only alternatives in this space. Good to see Samsung stepping up to the plate.

stopsign002 says:

My evo does it for me

XXXdc5 says:

awesome video. very informative...

onixblack says:

lol WIN

Urukiora says:

This seems like a perfect gift for someone, just not something I would buy myself. No phone contract but all the perks of android small enough to fit in a pocket. Wi-fi calling and BAM! kick ass home phone/media player you can take anywhere!

Flanjygo says:

This is pretty cool, but I'm not a fan of Samsung's custom UI. I want a stock Gingerbread Android device.

akanealw says:

this is what i've been wanting to recommend to people to get them away from having to use itunes and an ipod touch if they just want to play games and listen to music. i was going to recommend that my nephew get an OG droid and not activate it, but i'm going to wait and see what this gets priced out at.

VDub2174 says:

I hope this comes out at an affordable price. I would definitely pick one up if it does. I'm not a fan of Apple products and my Zune HD isn't cutting it for me anymore so this would perfect!!

mavricxx says:

This looks like a great product but a couple of downsides from this that I've noticed from other sites/pics: 1. No Camera flash, 2. Too thick, 3. Pricing- too expensive.

lil_sunshine says:

I do know the pricing on this device, but it might make more sense to buy a used Galaxy S phone and use it as a WiFi only device. That's what I did, and I love my Fascinate as a iPod touch alternative for about the same price as an iPod if not a little less.