Red Galaxy S4

$199.99 on contract with 16GB, shi​pping June 11

Looking for a bit more color in your Galaxy S4? The "aurora red" version announced yesterday is now available to pre-order over on AT&T's online store. Currently you're limited to the 16GB storage option, which will run you $199.99 on contract or $639.99 outright. Pre-order today and AT&T aims to get your bright red GS4 out to you by June 11, three days before it arrives in brick-and-mortar stores.

Pre-order at the link below, and hit the comments to let us know if you're placing your order today.

Source: AT&T

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DIE_JCL says:

I like red!

Statusnone says:

I can count to potato

Jovax says:

its kind of weird how Samsung shipped 10 million and the rating for the s4 on at&t is 3 starts and no one here is commenting or seem to care about s4 I'm guessing 10 million are setting on store selves

patelkedar91 says:

@Jovax: It has a little over 4 stars and from what I heard, the phone is selling like hotcakes.

And judging by your previous posts you seem to really hate Samsung for some reason.

Anyway the least they could do for marketing purposes is come up with a new background that's more red. Oh well.

garavin says:

That red is sexy but yeah, a color coordinated wallpaper would have been a smart move. Not too impressed with the stock wallpapers on the S4 period. I'll be looking for some new ones for my VZW S4.

I wrote an article the other day talking about how I wish device makers would just release devices with all colors available from the start.

I understand dropping exclusive colors for different carriers, but put them out at the same time. Not a few weeks later after you've already sold nearly 10 million devices.