Pulse with Facebook Pulse widgets

Pulse, an elegant newsreader we have covered before, recently released a major new update bringing several new features. Native widgets (small and large versions versions visible above) and Facebook support are the big ones, but a redesigned UI is also a welcome change. The app will run you $.99 on the Android Market; check out the download links past the break.

Have at it! :


Reader comments

Pulse update brings Facebook links, widgets


STUNNING!!! Best post of the decade. Im in love with this app.
i got the .apk to try it out and will buy the legit version!!

Can it handle more than 20 feeds yet? It might be nice eye candy, but it's pretty useless if it can only deal with 20 news sources....

I follow more than 20 sites a day, but I don't really need ALL of them on my phone at once. Just downloaded this.. so far I really like it

This is a great app for displaying your top 10 or so favorite sources. I haven't gotten the widgets to work though. Anyone?

Awesome interface. I'm using this app more than the actual sites themselves
I approve of this app. Also, .99cents is a perfect price

i bought this a few months back & stopped using it b/c it didnt sync with google reader. (but great UI)

Does anyone know if it does now? i couldnt find much intel on the their website.