Giorgio Armani Galaxy S

Excessive disposable income got you down? Samsung, Giorgio Armani and UK retailer Phones4u have you covered. Phones4u announced today that it's obtained UK exclusivity for the Giorgio Armani Galaxy S, which branding aside is essentially identical to regular GSM Samsung Galaxy S phones.

Only 800 of the devices will be made available, and the phone will set you back £45.96 per month, with an additional £49.95 upfront charge. To put that in perspective, Phones4u offers the standard Galaxy S on a number of carriers for free, on contracts as low as £25 per month.

Still, if you absolutely must have an Armani-branded phone with a slightly tweaked UI, and are willing to pay top whack, then head down to Phones4u, where the device will be available at an undisclosed point in the future. [Phones4u]


Reader comments

Phones4U gets Giorgio Armani Galaxy S exclusivity in UK


The styling does look a bit different from the international Galaxy S we have here, to be fair - externally, it's basically an AT&T Captivate (more angular, 4 touch-sensitive buttons), rather than having the looks of the Verizon Fascinate (iPhone 3G curves and bevel, centre Home button with Menu and Back touch buttons).

I do prefer the Captivate looks a little, but wouldn't be paying extra for the Armani version, no!