Nexus One

Episode 2 of Google's behind-the-scenes look at the Nexus One is now available. The second part of the five-part series takes a look at the AMOLED display and 3D framework of the device. Check it out after the break. [Part 1]


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The Nexus One story, Part 2


Amazing! Clearly google is leading the way of smart phones. Once again Google and Android have brought another game changer! I would love to see this in person. I have yet to play with the Nexus 1.

I have yet to play with it either. Is it at T-Mobile to play with? I am just waiting for Verizon to hurry up and release it I am tired of waiting!

I, too want a Nexus One very badly, but I don't think I can stoop to using T-Mobile's network. The phone is too amazing to be used with a crippling 3G carrier. :(

Google, hurry and release the "full" 3G GSM version of this phone, fast!

I dont know where you live but T-Mobiles network is far better that AT&T where I live , I was also afraid when I made the swothc from Sprint to T-mobile , afraid I would not have the same coverage but to my surprise its just as good if not better in many area's . I love my N1 and am so glad I made the switch !!! This phone is incredible !!

I agree. I love T-Mo and have never found another network to be better or faster overall. I love the N1 as well.