Is it the hot new look for the summer season, or just a black and white mess? There's a poll, let us know!

BlackBerry users have their Oreo, webOS users love their Panda, and now the Android faithful have their very own zebra -- that's with the short e, in the proper Queen's English. (Read it in Alex's voice)

The zebra acts a whole lot like the regular, plain old black (and now white) version, but it's more zebra-like. Sporting a fun, yet business-ready black and white look, it's ready for anything while staying stylish no matter what you throw at it. 

OK, I'll stop. But it is a pretty unique look, bound to have people who love it as well as folks who hate it. I'm digging the white one with the black bumper myself. What do you think? Answer the poll after the break, then fill the comments with praise or curses to let us all know why you feel that way. And of course, head into the forums where the zebra was first spotted.


Reader comments

The Nexus 4 Zebra Edition


I was hoping I could take my black glass back and use the white N4 casing with it. The bumper is the next best thing I guess. I love the storm trooper look :)

I have just one question...why weren't these color options available at launch? I believe that these color options (white included) would have a much bigger impact if they were available day one. It makes no sense to me to release these options later down the line after the phone has been released.

Thats what I cant understand about coming with different colors. Why wait 4 or 5 months down the road to release more colors for a phone that you know is going to sell...

For most phones, it's simply to attract more casual users for whom color may be important factor (most power users are happy with basic black, and only one color is easier to manufacture) for a nexus device I have no idea, as most users buy them within a few months of release or wait till the next nexus, you wouldn't catch me buying a nexus in june.

But then again, the n4 is popular not only with the traditional nexus crowd, but also prepaid users. It's still the best phone for prepaid, maybe it's still selling well.

I just received my Slim AmCase and it keeps the Nexus 4 looking slim, sleek and awesome looking. Just might get me a colored bumper since it looks way better.

N4 is way too fragile without bumpers, I almost destroyed mine even with a bumper and after that close call have since reverted to a tpu case that protects the phone even better.

The reason these phones are released in colors half way through their life cycle is to keep them fresh for a longer period of time. A little disappointed no addition of LTE support though.

If they were going to recertify it for LTE, which I think was always a long shot. they would have done it around the time of the t-mobile lte launch.

I used to have a bumper case for my Nexus 4 so I can still show off the back. It got so scratched up that I have to use a full on case to cover it.

Love my nexus 4. I would be interested in a white one if the front was also white. I think it looks terrible. It looks like Lg ran out of parts and made a phone from two different models.

Releasing a White nexus 4 would have worked better IMO if the front was white as well.

Personally not for me, loving the look of my all black Nexus 4, what more could a man (or woman) want?

I agree. If the front were also white, I would be seriously tempted to get a white Nexus 4. It would look killer with the black bumper. Have to say, that is one thing Apple and Samsung get right that no one else seems to nail. If you make a white phone, make the whole thing white. Not just the back.

I have white version and put the XGear white front screen protector on it and my phone is pretty sweet without any bumper, but since I got the white for free, it's on the phone.