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It's a Nexus. It's got an unlockable bootloader. So it was only a matter of time before someone worked out how to plug root access and superuser into Google and LG's new baby. We've been here before, folks.

In addition to a working root method from AddictiveTips's HQRaja (via XDA), there's also now a working version of ClockworkMod custom recovery for the device. This expands upon stock recovery with a bunch of new features for advanced users.

Nexus phones are Google's developer devices, so they're supposed to be easy to crack open and fiddle with. So if you're looking to run rooted apps, or even tinker with the phone's system software, this Nexus is as good as any other. AOSP support for the Nexus 4 has yet to arrive, unfortunately, but we imagine Google will be publishing the code sooner rather than later.

Source: AddictiveTips via XDA

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radgatt says:

Oh wow I'm shocked. Here's my shocked face :o

RustyU says:

I'd be impressed if I hadn't routed mine 36 hours before this story.

schrack3000 says:

I'd be impressed if you knew that we root these phones, not rout them.

RustyU says:

I'd be impressed if I hadn't routed mine 36 hours before this story.

vegasjoe says:

Know what would be better than rooted, how about DELIVERED?! Still no tracking number, no back-order, no delivery. I'm a sad panda.

masterpfa says:

Know what would be better than rooted or being delivered, BEING AVAILABLE IN THE PLAY STORE!!!!!!

NickA says:

Why don't the Nexus phones just come rooted anyway. Or have it be an option under developer tools.

Stychill says:

i don't know about the developer tools option, but i believe they don't come rooted because not everyone wants a rooted device, despite the benefits. Some people may just prefer to have their device just the way it came out of the box

Shadowriver says:

Root is not needed for developers to create software, software they make need to work on locked phone anyway. ADB gives enoth tools to create software.

Stychill says:

lol, that didn't take long at all

Jaywrayson says:

Mine's out on delivery.

Tryptykon says:


Shadowriver says:

Emmm, as bootloader is unlocked you can just install system with root access, so i don't see how this a news at all :p

That was fast :-) I just got mine!!!!

robocopvn says:

WOW, i'm really surprised !