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As the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving, Google+'s unofficial mascot Mr Jingles is getting in on the action, stuffing his face with endless slices of pumpkin pie when he clears your G+ notifications. (Prod the little guy with your finger or mouse pointer to see the animation on your phone or the web.)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating today!

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Mr Jingles spreads some Thanksgiving cheer


First, LOL. Second, we know you don't have Thanksgiving... But is taskmaster Phil really making you post today?

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He is one of the only ones on duty. Everyone else is stuffing their faces and gearing up for football

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

That's not pumpkin pie.... Its key lime!!! With kit kat sprinkles!

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I saw this earlier. Now I understand, didn't really get the point.

Don't know why outside the US needs to see it

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Sorry. I'm sure A/C can fix the Internet to filter the news so you only get tech news from Canada or whatever other tech mecca you live in.

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