Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition Update

Although it hasn't made many headlines as of late, the Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition is ready to make a big splash by getting its update to Android 4.4 KitKat today. The device was previously running Android 4.3, so the jump in software isn't dramatic, but the 550MB update certainly brings changes. The update changelog isn't all that descriptive either, but folks who have the update installed are noticing some graphical changes, and you'll of course also have access to the latest features included in Android 4.4 by default.

Reports of updates are coming from users with the Wifi version of the tablet in the U.S., so we can't confirm beyond that, but we think more than a few Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition owners will be happy with the update news. Be sure to head into the forums and compare experiences with other members who are receiving the update once you have it on your own device.

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KitKat update arriving on Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition via OTA


Yaaay finally! Loving the new stock web browser. MUCH better! I backed up my SD card onto my computer then did a factory reset after installing kitkat. We're cruzin! :D

Install Kies and update. That is what I did to the one I have. Although Im still taking it back tomorrow and getting the tabpro 12.2

I hope all of these kit kat updates are a sign that the note 3 is close to getting their update soon.

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I've had note 3 update for a month in canada....are you sure don't have it available yet?

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Mine hasn't gotten the update, either :( And it's a factory-unlocked unit! But, according to some sites, apparently the region it came from is Israel or Saudi Arabia or something like that, so I guess the update hasn't been released for that region yet :( OTA or Kies, it's still not available for my Note 3.

I did kit kat on my note 3. My phone is a mess now. It's a fancy paperweight now. Samsung did nothing to help me. DO NOT DO KIT KAT ON YOUR NOTE 3!!

...and the OG Note 10.1. Luckily its my old lady's tablet and she doesn't know enough to care if its not on 4.4!

In the middle of may.

I read that from somewhere and it is what the customer service have written back when asked "when?". So... we will see that on may. But I wouldnt count much for the customer service of samsung.

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Yes but not acceptable at this point. This was an overpriced device most of its life, so the least they should do is support it which software updates. Problem is they're too busy releasing 45 phones here and 20 tablets that they don't care about anything that's more than a year old

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The update has the rediculous SD card issue that all kit kat devices have. On my note 3 I can sometimes get by with ES File explorer but not with this update on the 10.1. I feel like I am using an apple device and they are telling me what I can and can't do with my files and I have to use their cloud. Very disappointing.
Other than that the update seems good. I hope it helps with the anemic battery life. It downright sucks.
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And it makes perfect sense why it now is the way that it is. Sand boxing for security. The old SD card behavior was stupid.
I am very happy to have the update on my Note.
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Honestly, I'm over Samsung. I'm done buying products from them that quickly outdates and they barely even support anymore (OG Note 10.1).

I'm not buying anymore Samsung Tablets that cost as much as the Note 10.1 original. One update and it's done apparently.

The thing still works fine and for that I'm glad, but this is ridiculous.

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Mine has improved very slightly. before kitkat I would go to bed leave my 10.1 2014 unplugged at 100% and wake up to 92% post kitkat its 96% after a good day of use pre 22% post 36% Nothing to complain about...
check your settings maybe you have something on or an app that's draining your battery..

Kind of having the same issue. I have not done any tests but it seems like it's draining faster and charging slower.

Maybe someday they will get around to updating the note 2 with kitkat........I doubt it though

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The kit kat update ruined my Note 3. Stay away from the kit kat update. I will never update my tablet. They aren't ruining all my stuff. Samsucks is a mess now.

Mine installed last night...I don't know if it's coincidence but the built-in Twitter App keeps crashing since the update...everything else seems fine. Anyone else have this issue?

It's absolutely ridiculous that a huge company like samsung doesn't allow everyone to update OTA. It's a sign of their poor customer support and one of the other reasons that they continue to trail in the tablet game. I like my Note 10.1, but little things like this are why people continue to go back to Apple their seamless process for updates.

I can't understand why you can't update OTA. I don't have said tablet but I've owned the original note, S4, Galaxy tab 2 10.1 and now the note 3. I've always been able to update OTA.

Posted from my galaxy note 3

NO idea why. My computer (brand new windows 8 machine) recognized my galaxy phone beautifully with NO issues. When I connected my tablet Kies did not recognize them at all. My computer recognized that I had a new device connected but nothing from Kies. Once I put the thing in developer mode (after hours of researching about connecting the device and found out how to do this) Kies saw it immediately, connected, and updated it to Kit Kat.

This Kit Kat update is a hot mess. Stay clear of it!! I regret updating it on my Note 3. My phone is awful now and Samsucks refuses to correct it. I will be dammed if I update my tablet. They aren't ruining all my stuff. No more Samsucks products for me ever again.

But there's nothing wrong on the tablet, just updated mine and didn't have to format the tablet, kitkat looks cool on it

Kitkat installed yesterday on my perfectly fine Note 8, went to reboot and the tablet didn't come back on. Now have a brick, completely dead, will not power on despite all attempts. Now left with a repairs shop, who though they are experts, are having difficulty getting it started, despite power getting to the unit.
Who can i go to? Surely either Google or Samsung should be accountable for such problems, directly resulting from an official firmware update? Help! I can't afford a replacement, am worried about the cost of repair, if indeed it can be repaired and it is out of its guarantee period.