ICS for the Note ICS for the Note

The folks over at RootzWiki got their hands on a leaked build of Ice Cream Sandwich for the AT&T Galaxy Note (I717). First reports are pretty good, with the few bugs easy to work around. RootzWiki notes the list of features as:

  • Face Unlock is fully functional
  • LTE connections are solid and up to speed
  • Phone calls work great both ways
  • Audio quality is up to par
  • Stereo Bluetooth is fully functional
  • MMS is fully functional
  • GPS is fully functional
  • Google Talk and Video Chat work
  • Google Voice is fully functional
  • Task Manager is smooth and transitions are quick
  • Downloaded Flash video and in-browser video works flawlessly
  • Chrome autosync is fully functional
  • AT&T Hotspot functionality works, external devices connect fine

It's the same sort of leak we saw recently for the Skyrocket, which means it's a Windows only affair until someone get's a flashable version out of it. It also hits your flash counter, so be aware of warranty issues if you give it a try. 

With the unexpected popularity of the Galaxy Note, we're pretty certain a version for folks who would rather flash things from recovery. We have no idea when the official version will be ready for release, so if you are itching for ICS this may be your only chance for a while. Grab it, and follow the directions closely, from the source link.

Source: RootzWiki

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klee0032 says:

I have a Note and I'm really interested in this article. Not because I want to use this leak. I know sooner than later that there should be a official release for my phone.

dmatherl says:

I don't need root to run this correct?


WOOOHOOO!!! Now my skyrocket and galaxy note can be running ICS :-)

nelonez says:

you do not need root.... I just installed this and i must say WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is totally awsome.... makes my Note super fast....

cory2979 says:

Does it work with the Bell version? Or only AT&T?

daswhites says:

I was looking for the leak but, couldn't find it.. Can you give it to me and also how did you install it without rooting.. Please HELP!! Thanks for your help..

Great job for GNote users..

Raidersfan71 says:

Kinda lame question... but if I install this will it break my root?? Cause the main reason I rooted was for the hotspot without having to pay more $$ LOVE MY NOTE... BEST PHONE I EVER HAD

patsydamico says:

If it does just use the foxfi app its a free hot spot app

jcoel01 says:

This update completes the Note experience. You do have to find a Swype .apk tho, but that's not hard to get (Google is your friend). The only negative is you can't customize the home row at the bottom of home screen. Otherwise it's flawless and super fast.

jcoel01 says:

Update: you can customize the home row, just different than sense ui. You have to go into applications and open up menu and click edit. Hope this helps out.

I have my G-Note running on T-mobile so I NEED the root to change the Radio frequencies for HSPA+.... will this install get rid of Root and Radio configurations? One of you geniuses please answer....

SebastianNap says:

waiittttt, so if I do this. WILL IT BREAK MY WARRANTY? yes or no.... I *neeed* to keep my warranty cause my phone drops like 300000 times per day... lol

randall2580 says:

under "wireless and networks" it allows you to turn on NFC - at least it appears so.

rupalazzi says:

Question: would this work on the international version (N7000) or is it only for the AT&T Version (I717)???

jeanco says:

You can find ICS in the Samsung HK web page for N7000