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Revenue up slightly from October, but latest numbers show year-on-year drop of more than 27 percent

HTC has this morning released its unaudited revenue figures for November 2013, showing that it brought in NT$15.47 billion ($523 million) in the last month. That's a 3.18 percent increase on October's revenue — NT$14.99 billion ($507 million) — but a steep decline of 27.12 percent year-on-year. The figures bring HTC's total revenue for the year so far to NT$190.97 billion, or $6.45 billion.

The past month has seen the HTC One Max arrive on Sprint and Verizon in the U.S., while HTC also unveiled a raft of new mid-range and entry-level products for its home market of Taiwan.

October and November's figures put HTC within striking distance of its NT$40-45 billion revenue target for the fourth quarter. Nevertheless, the company's Q4 forecast predicts hard times continuing to the end of 2013, with the possibility of a second quarter of losses should it miss its targets by even a small amount.

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HTC releases unaudited revenue figures for November


I don't understand revenue goals. They mean nothing if expenses exceed revenues. Why not focus on net income?

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That's the key variable that is mostly ignored. Operating expenses can make any revenue ineffective. Most automatically assume that lack of sales is always the culprit. If costs to conduct business increases faster than revenue, I think that's a hard scenario to overcome.
In my opinion, whatever strategy they implement will not have an instant positive effect. Hopefully they are planning for the long term.

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Come on HTC! Advertise your phone HTC One Max and show off its features more. It's really a great phone!

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