Nexus 10

It's not unusual to see top-level Googlers vacationing in some really cool places. It's also not unusual to see them taking pictures with unannounced devices.

So here's Google senior VP of engineering Vic Gundotra on a beach with a Samsung Nexus 10, as posted on Google+. It's shot at 2048x1536 -- or 3.1MP -- resolution (which seems low and likely is a G+ resize, especially given that these pics look pretty darn good), and the camera type clearly says "Nexus 10." (That can be manipulated, of course. But c'mon, would Uncle Vic really troll us?)

The Samsung Nexus 10 is one of two devices we expect to be announced Monday at Google's "The Playground is Open" event in New York City, the other being the LG Nexus 4. (Remember to keep it locked here Monday morning -- we'll be covering it live!)

Gundotra's actually posted a few pics from the Nexus 10 now. Check 'em out in his G+ feed.


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Google's Vic Gundotra is posting pics with the Nexus 10 tablet


2560x1600 resolution with Exynos 5250 running JB 4.2. I am sure it won't cost a lot (400-449) considering how reasonable N7 and Chromebooks are selling.
Only thing Android tablets need know is for developers to get their act together. Why can't they just follow the basic UI scalability guidelines is beyond me. Tools are there. UI directions are clearly specified. I don't buy the logic that OEMs use custom skins. This is not a valid reason. Even skinned products should work properly if apps are designed properly.

Someone from Google should just walk on stage Monday and say "You've already seen everything, here's the price and the release date, thanks for coming!" and exit stage left =p

Then Sergey Brin comes on stage with the Google glass and says they are going on sale for £200 q1 2013 and shows you the actually ui :-D (guy can Dream).

Isn't a 32GB Nexus 7 expected as well?

I'm actually looking forward to this event. I think if Google can really undercut the iPad with the Nexus 10, they'll really have something! Think about it: If they can price it around $299-399, that would put tremendous pressure on Apple

I so want the Nexus 10 that and I want to see what new things Google has in store with Android 4.2. Not really interested in the LG Nexus.

Google+ as a photo service is kind of awful; the app strips out metadata on the file while its *still on your phone* and then goes on to do whatever it feels like after it uploads it to the google thunderstorm. If you have auto-upload turned on, your photos have been forever dumbed down (unless you have dropbox running which will have almost always saved a copy before this happened).

And don't even get me started on how piss-poor the combination of Google+ and Firefox 16 is. It's more the fault of Firefox than Google, but still. How the mighty have fallen. I find myself using IE more and more because it just plain works.

Interesting to see if new os brings some improvements to tablet. Either way I will be tuned in :-)

would rather save money and have a 10" tablet without a camera i'll never use #notgoingtobethatguy