Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Update: What you see here apparently is some sort of early prototype of the 8.9-inch tablet, which is odd given they unveiled the thing on the show floor with great pomp and circumstance. You can see a hands-on with the retail version of the new Galaxy Tabs here.

Samsung's bringing a tablet for every lifestyle, and the latest in the Galaxy Tab line is the aptly named 8.9-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. And as it should be, it's thin, surprisingly light, and it's running Android 3.0 Honeycomb out of the box.

It's noticeably easier to hold than the hefty Motorola Xoom, but that's tempered a bit by the slick back. It may be a textured surface, but it's slippery and you're definitely going to want a case.

We have a feeling we were treated to an early build of Samsung's new Live View skin atop Honeycomb, as there was some definite lag. But Live View itself isn't offensive, if you don't mind your menus being colorful, as Samsung is prone to do.

A bright spot, however, is the price. At $469 for the 16GB version and $569 for the 32GB version -- and these are the unsubsidized, no-contract Wifi-only ones -- we're finally seeing competitive price points.

More pics are after the break, if you're into that sort of thing.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9


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Hands-on with Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9


Looks nice. Phones are one thing. But I for one would want to see Skins ontop of HoneyComb and Tablets in General. Its almost impossible to compete on hardware alone in the Tablet scene I think. And just like Android 1.5 Honeycomb needs some UI polish. Same reason I never got a G1 until Sense UI was on the Hero.

Also... Anyone got the time for the HTC/Sprint Presser?

I agree with you on UI's. If you look at what has been announced up til the Tab 8.9 and 10.1 with Honeycomb tablets, the only thing different about most of them is brand names and network compatibility. There needs to be something that separates these products from the rest because up til now they've all basically just been clones.

That said, I'd love a Tab 8.9. And I give Samsung credit for coming up with a new TouchWiz for Honeycomb.

It's a standard thing at trade shows and conventions for tech to have them tethered to their display area by some ridiculous cable and lock system.

Actually, based on how fragile looking the Xoom connector is, I think I would rather have that for when I'm using it and it's plugged in, the Xoom's, I keep feeling like if I accidentally put it down on the charger plug side, that I'm going to break it. This one at least looks solid and you could rest the tablet on it.

Of course, it looks more like a security alarm :)

So did someone found out if this one have GPS? This tab is on top of my list, but without a GPS, I might look somewhere else.

If it's just for charging, like the Xoom's proprietary connector, I could probably live with it. If it's required for data transfer then yeah, it's a fail.

This is a bit off topic, but could you fix the rel link on your lightbox images. I've noticed this on other groups of images from time to time. Currently it's rel attribute is rel="lightbox[][Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9]" and my guess is that is what is causing the issue.

I would like to just be able to click next and previous in the lightbox to view the next and previous image but the buttons arent showing up.
Right now I have to click off of the image or close it and click on the next one to view each one. Kinda time consuming when I know a next and prev button will work if the lightbox is set up correctly.

By the way, the 8.9 tab looks awesome. Keep the news coming!

Engadget took quite a few pictures of it. There's two covers that you can peel off that I guess hold cards of some sort. One was labeled "SIM". I'm guessing the other is either SD or MicroSD. (Please be SD...)

I am OK with the proprietary plug as long as it allows both HDMI and *VGA* output, when using a (non-externally-powered) adapter. No other honeycomb tablet easily connects to VGA AFAIK.

Any idea whether this will be available? Looking at the current Galaxy Tab, it has an HDMI dock and an analog (composite) video cable, so I am *guessing* that it will ... but would love confirmation.

"We have a feeling we were treated to an early build of Samsung's new Live View skin atop Honeycomb, as there was some definite lag."

Um, have you used a Galaxy S phone? Lag is par for the course when Samsung writes custom Android skins. If you think things will get snappier before this thing ships, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Samsung: You make good hardware and terrible software. Please stop writing it. Spend your R&D money making the best hardware you can, and leave the software to Google. You'll make more money and ship more devices.

Uhh, you do know that you took photos of the old protoype and not the new design they just announced, correct? Might want to state that somewhere in your article. The prototype you all played with is just to demonstrate TouchWiz. The new design model doesn't even power up.

This is a photo of the old prototype not the actual SHIPPING 8.9 version.

You guys took pictures of the old prototype demonstrating the new TouchWiz 4.0.

The shipping version looks MUCH thinner than this.