You didn't think we would stop playing with the Ice Cream Sandwich AOSP ROM for the Nexus S so soon did you?  Trust me when I tell you it's almost 100 percent, and well worth the time to flash and try it out.  We've been having a go with it for a good while now, and decided to fire up the camera and let everyone have a look.  Catch the video after the break, then hit the download link to give Ice Cream Sandwich a try yourself -- you'll be glad you did.

Download at XDA

More in the Nexus S forums

Youtube link for mobile viewing


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Hands-on with Ice Cream Sandwich on the Nexus S


That'd be great, but remember that the Nexus One didn't get the Gingerbread OTA until a couple of months after the Nexus S came out. It might be a little longer than you'd think.

For nexus devices, updates aren't controlled or created by the manufacturer, but by the parent company, Google, itself. That was what the nexus devices were intended for in the first place.

Awesome!! Can't wait for a rom for my Nexus one! So... he chose not to put an on screen home buttons on a phone with capacitive buttons. Do you think this will be the way google goes?

Been using all day on NS4G. Very stable - everything just works! Could this dev be working for google testing out the bugs before official release? Great work kwiboo!

Thanks Jerry. Is the storage handled any differently? Alex Dobie mentioned the galaxy nexus allows the entire onboard storage for application storage if needed, now that you have ics, can you do the same on nexus s or is application storage still limited?

The nexus s is very similar to the galaxy s. The basic differences that i can identify are that the nexus has a camera flash but no removable storage card. The galaxy s has no flash but does have a removable sd card.

Would the ics rom in question work on a 4g glaxy s?