Galaxy S4 on AT&T

The previous date of April 30 has been changed to April 23, price and selection remains unchanged

AT&T has updated the Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-order page and there is a new shipping date - April 23. The previous versions had a shipping date of April 30 for the phone, which put it a week past T-Mobile (April 24) and Sprint (April 27). The price remains the same at $639 or $199 with a new agreement for the 16GB model.

Of course we can't be sure that this date is final, but all of us would like to see it sooner rather than later. There's a lot there to love, and we certainly can't wait to have our very own for the requisite fondling. 

Are you ordering an S4 from one of the carriers? Be sure to let us know who you're rolling with in our poll, then head into the forums where at least you can wait with friends.

Source: AT&T. Thanks, Eric!


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AT&T updates Samsung Galaxy S4 shipping date to April 23


I'm glad my upgrade isn't in play until July, that way I can see which phone will be best for me. One, S4 or yet unannounced Nexus.

Be careful with HTC. The One X got great reviews, but I found the Wifi to be flaky and the touch screen isn't very responsive.

You can see which devices will have Key Lime Pie by then as well. The S4 and One may be very good devices, but we will need to wait and see how quickly the next Android version comes out for them.

damn you and your ever so practical reponse to your predicament. My upgrade date is not until June. I was going to go all out and push my upgrade to this month, but now you have me wanting to wait lol. I will have to go back to the drawing board and read ever more reviews.

I just noticed this. Can't complain about getting my S4 a week early especially where my HTC One X is sporting a cracked screen :)

The new HTC One is not like any past phone made by HTC so comparing it to an older phone is pointless. The HTC One is completely new and, I can speak from the experience of someone who has owned one now for 6 hours that it is an exceptional phone. Of course, you can also choose to ignore the rave reviews as well. Check out the review at Anandtech if you really want to know about it. I come from a Nexus to the HTC One and I was worried about not having a generic version of Android, but, I find that I like the new Blink feed and several other enhancements on the One. The size is perfect. The screen and sound are amazing! The speed is amazing as well. So far, everything runs very fast. No waiting.

I can honestly say that unless you absolutely need to have an SDcard slot or removable battery, then waiting for any other phone is pointless. Get the One! (I have never owned an HTC phone prior to this. I always change brands as I find that if you do your research you will get the best, and the best is not, generally, from the same company year after year for anything. Brand loyalty is best for the company, not the consumer)Good work HTC! You hit this One out of the park!

Good luck with your One! Too bad its a disposable phone! If battery goes bad, it is almost impossible to replace. See reviews on Worst ever fixability score. Everything is glued. That alone stopped me from ordering one. ;)

You do research! smart man!

That's probably the biggest deviding point between
HTC & Samsung customers, the issue with the
memory card $ battery.

There is also the issue of TouchWiz vs. Sense. From a hardware perspective the One may have better build quality, but software is another issue. Samsung may have a lot of redundant software compared to base Android(S-voice isn't needed for most for example).

oh thanks for that information. Yea im getting the S4 then. a replaceable battery is a must .the fact that the s4 also has a microsd card slot is a huge selling point for me as well.

oh thanks for that information. Yea im getting the S4 then. a replaceable battery is a must .the fact that the s4 also has a microsd card slot is a huge selling point for me as well.

Agree the one is an awesome phone... My brother has it and I regularly play around with it, feels great, sound is amazing and is as good as everyone has been saying but sense IMO and my brothers opinion too is annoying because some things how you expect to work doesn't work which is why he uses Nova launcher...chamfered edges has already got few minor scratches but nothing that's notable but I can definitely see the one in the next couple of months not looking as good as it does with out a case on it..I myself am getting the s4 primarily due to the larger screen but still the same size as the one and also the SD card slot and and the larger battery which is removable..reason I like removable battery is not due to carrying extra batteries but actually getting official extended batteries that only ads a few mm to the phone but adds a huge battery...for example the s3 has a 3000mah official extended battery which adds about 3mm but also adds a extra 900mah on top..also i think the s4 over the long term will get updates faster here in the uk at least and also also be more durable and any scratches too the back cover can be replaceds with a new one where as the one will have to live with each and every scrstches it may get but this is just my opinion after seeing some of my friends ip5...honestly the one and s4 are really awesome phone and don't think you can go wrong either way and both have there pros and cons, you just need to decide what's important to you but I'd be happy with either but for me s4 gives me more options and I actually like the look of it though I will admit that the one looks and feels much better and those speakers really really are amazing.

I do love the design an aesthetics of the htc ONE. it's a beautiful phone that also has powerful internals . does it have all the neat stuff that the s4 has though? such as a humidity sensor, temperature sensor, tilt scrolling, and touch-less interactions? I know the humidity and temperature sensors seem a tad bit gimmicky ,but it is going on sale for the exact same price as the htc one so why not get extra tools/gadgets .I will go read the reviews once again. the reviews that i have read have focused on the "look" of the fun and its basic hardware.

this is awesome news! getting the phone one week earlier. i pre ordered mine in store and the email i received still says april 30th. did anyone get a new email with new date?

My preorder email says I should get it around 5/3, and I preordered it at 12:15am the day it was released! No new email. Also, their site still says April 30.

Anyone know what the wallpaper is, though? That wallpaper is one I have not seen in the leaked sgs4 wallpers on xda. Anyone know where to get that one?

Anyways, as I mentioned elsewhere, the impressive thin the bezel on the sides and also the top and bottom really makes the screen pop-out, and really entices me.

holy crap a 16gb sgs4 is $639 while a HTC one 64gb is only a few bucks more! wow samsung is really raping their customers on pricing.

So why don't you actually look at the specs a bit closer before crying foul. Battery, removable battery, expansion slot up to 64GB 5" screen, Android 4.2.2 and will get Android 5.0 before the HTC One gets 4.2.2. So its a far better offering not to mention the 9 sensors are NOT free.