AT&T Galaxy Note 2

Sizeable update brings no more than updates to pre-installed apps

If you have a Galaxy Note 2 from AT&T, you can start checking your device for a 165MB OTA update starting today that primarily includes updates to pre-installed apps on the phone. Its a hefty update, and although it isn't quite big enough to be that jump up to Android 4.2 or 4.3, it does include some important improvements if the AT&T support document is to be believed.

The carrier claims that this update will bring many Google and AT&T pre-installed apps on the phone up to their latest versions, which is always important, but will have no user-facing changes other than that. After the update you'll be on Android 4.1.2 still with build number JZO54K.I317UCAMH3.

Keep an eye out for that update and let folks know in the forums if you happen to get it on your own device.

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Source: AT&T; Via: AndroidPolice


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AT&T Galaxy Note 2 receiving OTA update, stays on Android 4.1.2


Perfect probably the exact kind of update none of the Note 2 owners wanted

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The Note 2 originally cams with 4.1. The Note 3 is out and the Note 2 still hasn't made it to 4.2. Very surprising.

Its not surprising at all. Samsung sucks at updating devices. Granted, lately their devices have started out with the latest software, still, don't expect to see anything updated anytime soon. The Note 3 will stay at version 4.3 until Summer 2014 at the earliest!

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Not surprised actually the s3 in Canada, Bell network is still 4.1.1 not sure about rogers or Telus.

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According to the keynote, it's got 4.3 coming soon. They (Samsung/AT&T) seem to roll out updates for the 2-year lifecycle.

Uhhh wouldnt they just get updates in the play store or Samsung app store for said apps? why is an OTA needed for such a thing?

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So they can update their bloat apps probably

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This is the only thing that sucks about the Note 3 (other than TW) that by the time that android is on the letter N for their OS the Note 3 will barely be recieving KIT KAT. I know I'm exaggerating(proabaly) but with the Note 2 being on 4.1.2 still makes me worried.

You're not exaggerating. It is par for the course. When you sign up on a non vanilla android, this is almost always what you get. The degree of neglect for released phones is really annoying. I'd trade away all those gimmicky featuress samsung threw in the phone for a more prompt android update any day.

Part of the problem is the carriers. I wish Samsung/Google would throw a little weight at the carriers like Apple did, to remove the carriers from being the go between on updates.

Well, I received an update over here in the UK and my build number is different to what's listed here.. and I still have no idea what difference it has made!

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My $89.99 T-Mobile Prism II Runs 4.1.2.. And I bet I'll get 4.2 before your precious 1 Year Old $650.00 Galaxy Note 2 does..

That's Sad.

I got it. . I can see nothing that I use has changed. But the screen looks zoomed... Might be time to rootv and flash...

I too noticed the home screen icons are stretched vertically now. Weird...

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why are Note 2 owners still waiting for Samsung or the carrier to update the phone?

Go pre-order the Note 3 already... sell or trade the Note 2.

I'm almost positive during the Galaxy Note 3 Keynote, Samsung said the update for the S3 and Note 2 was coming in October also.

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Checked the keynote again and Pranav Mistry says the S4, S3, and Note 2 will be seeing there updates in October. It's about 50 minutes into the keynote.

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Custom roms folks, I have an AT&T Galaxy Skyrocket and I'm running 4.3 just fine, buttery smooth and great battery. I wonder if holding update back is intentional so as to not hurt note 3 sales. Would people upgrade if they had a note 2 running 4.3, or would people opt to but a discounted note 2 running 4.3 vs a new note 3?

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This should be a crime. It's like their customers are hostages or something. Cant they be sued or something?

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@Andrew Martonik

Thanks for the post.

The high end smartphone like Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC ONE and so on should get the Android Jelly Bean 4.3 within 15 days after the Google edition of Nexus get the update, all over the world and also in U.S.A. But in U.S.A. specially those big carrier always take huge time to launch the update which user loose their interest the specific update.

If big carrier like AT&T able to launch the latest update to their high end smartphone within short time after the Nexus have it then the speed of popularity and satisfaction will come soon to the users, no doubt.

Thanks in Advance

Android fragmentation. Lol. You got to love it. Anywho, I don't want any update that kills the battery life awesomeness of my note 2. I'd rather stay on this android version 4.1.2.

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