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Ask any three retailers anywhere in the world when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will actually go on sale, and you're likely to get three different answers. And now, Amazon UK's got the object of our affection slated for Dec. 2. Meanwhile, we still have no official date from Verizon here in the U.S., and we're closing in on a month since the phone was actually announced.

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Amazon UK has Galaxy Nexus slated for Dec. 2



This is a major drawback on this phone. It will probably push me to a Razr, even though I had my heart set on the Nexus.

If you do buy the Nexus, you better get the 32Gig version or you will be in the same boat as we long suffering Nexus One users in a couple years.

Last update to google voice forced three applications off my nexus one due to memory limitations. Without the microSD card, the N1 would have been in the dumpster long ago.

16Gig is NOT enough in this day and age. And it won't get any better in time because all apps, games, and media demands are growing.

People who scoff at this haven't been around very long.

I have been with Verizon for over a decade. The Bionic was a phone that if released back in February would have dominated phones for almost a year. Sadly it was released just before its competition passed it. Now I wait for the Nexus to follow the same path. Verizon...... I'm speechless.

I went into a Verizon store just last night to put my hands all over the new HTC. Comparing the HTC against the Razor and my currently used DroidX... I just dont see a reason to upgrade and spend my money. If there were no power to any of the devices you could say they are all exactly the same. nothing special about any of them. all flat and same size screen. turn them on and you find few differences. the Razor and Rezound are faster the the X but not enough for me to care enough.

There used to be a time when phones were different ie: flip, slider, candybar. Now they all look the exact same with the exeption of size. It has become boring.

yet..... here i am reading every word that is written about the Nexus. Why?

Also u don't like a way phonevis released then by all means feel free to join the apple ranks.

Verizon not giving a date on this is creating exactly what they want. People want what they can't have, it creates the frenzy with most people that as soon as it is released, they are ordering no matter what. I really wanted the Galaxy Nexus, but I hate being manipulated this way, so I really don't care about it anymore. Remember John Lennon's, What if they had a war and nobody came? If the masses would follow that same principle, perhaps VZW would think twice before they do this to the next big release. With the new processors being released etc, unfortunately, other that ICS, this phone will be behind the 8 ball almost before it's released. What a blunder for Samsung and Google to allow VZW to do this. It's truly a shame.

i have a theory - Google doesn't want to push and market the G-Nex too hard. why? because they don't want to alienate and sabotage their hardware partners. they don't want to cannibalize all of the other hordes of currently selling Google phones out there. so Google WANTS a soft, ambiguous launch.

unfortunately - the masses out there buying phones don't know the difference between Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sammmmmmmmmich. they are still buying the phones en masse.

Samsung is plenty happy to sell SGII's on all of the other carriers. and sell the G-Nex on VZW. if you watched the Samsung VP on the Fox News interview - he said something like - "Well we have the SGII on X, Y, and Z carriers - and we have the G-Nex on VZW." so it sounded like Samsung THINKS all of their bases are covered - which is essentially - "Galaxys are available everywhere for everyone!" do i agree with it? hell no. but i can understand the business decision.

i want a Sprint G-Nex!

There well may be some truth to your theory about holding back the launch so as not to interfere with their hardware partners.

Especially since one of their (*cough*) partners is in their back pocket (Motorola) and has just come out with, not one, but two phones that give the Nexus a clear run for its money.

I got ics running on my nexus s and its really nice new operating system...very smooth..I will get this phone when its out for tmobile