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Weekly poll results: it's Google Play or nothing

Google Play stands tall

Playing movies with Play Movies is popular

In this week's poll, we asked what service you used to buy or rent movies on a per-flick basis. And while we were expecting a bit of diversity, the four thousand or so of you that responded overwhelmingly to two of the options presented: Google Play and none. Over 40 percent of you admitted to using Google Play the most for buying and renting movies — but there are some caveats to that. A number of the comments admitted to using Google Play more frequently than any other platform, in part due to the habit Google has of giving movies away.

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AC editors' apps of the week: HTC Cloudex, Hue Pro, Billguard and more

AC editors' apps of the week

Your weekly serving of the best apps

Hooray it's Super Bowl Appday! We know that a good many of us are preparing for the big game right about now, but there's always time to get to know a great Android app or two. Take a break from nacho tray assembly and beverage layout placement for a minute or two and have a look at our list of great Android apps that you need to try.

And remember — we can't list every great app or even try them all. That's where we count on you fine folks to share with us. Found an app that you think everyone needs to know about and try for themselves? Throw that bad boy into the comments so we all know about it. Sharing is caring and all that.

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These Galaxy S5 hard cases are now only $4.95 while supplies last

Made from a durable polycarbonate, these Samsung Galaxy S5 hard cases are strong enough to withstand drops and thin enough to keep in your pocket. The case snaps together around your device leaving access to the screen, camera, ports and buttons. Choose from 6 six different colors!


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ZENS Qi Wireless 4500mAh Power Bank review

Charging on the go

Power for your pockets

External battery packs are something most smartphone users take for granted. They're not glamorous accessories like cases or headphones or car mounts, but they're important. When you're running out of battery while running through the airport trying to catch your connecting flight because your first flight was stuck on the tarmac for three hours, having a battery pack that is not only dependable but easy to use on the go is not a luxury, it is a necessity. And while I've been using the Zens Qi Wireless Power Bank, it has seen airports, long car rides, stormy nights, and the bottoms of a lot of different bags.

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Mr. Jingles is fully inflated, ready for the Super Bowl


At least we hope that's what the Google+ notification icon dude is doing, seeing as how it's the final game of the NFL season and everything.

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T-Mobile's other Super Bowl commercial is all about celebrity one-upmanship (and Wi-Fi calling)


This is T-Mobile's other commercial for Super Bowl XLIX. The other features noted famous person Kim Kardashian, and there's also an online-only ad with a vulture. Needless to say, T-Mobile's going for the Curly Howard Trophy for this year's Super Bowl commercials. And I don't know about you, but I get terrible Wi-Fi reception in my subterranean butcher shop.

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Today only, a 16GB Nexus 7 (2013) for $170


Even if it's since been supplanted by the Nexus 9, the 2013 edition of the Nexus 7 is still a good deal at just $169.99. That deal, good for today only and only at Woot.com, knocks $60 off the list price of the 7-inch Nexus tablet. And ever since it disappeared off Google Play, that normal list price is still in the $200-230 range at resellers like Amazon.

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From the Editor's Desk: Long week, fast week, tough week, good week


This job never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes the weeks fly by. Sometimes they drag. Sometimes they're full of headaches. Sometimes the work perpetuates things. Sometimes I hit the weekend thankful for a couple days' respite.

The past week was a fun one, speaking as an editor. We cruised through our Nest series, the first of our new focus on, well, focus. We're still going to do all the news and reviews we've always done, but we're also going to take a more focused look at specific topics. And I picked Nest to start with because, well, I felt like it. (It's good to be the boss.) That and because I have one and Russell has one and it seemed like as good a place as any to start. Don't let the nattering naysayers in the comments fool you — we're not inventing the idea of a series here. If someone can't understand the idea of a story a two a day over several days on a single topic (again, amid the sea of Android news we typically cover anyway), that's their problem. Not mine.

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The top 5 things you need to know about the Blu Vivo Air

The top 5 things you need to know about the Blu Vivo Air

Thinking about getting a Blu Vivo Air? Here's what you need to know

So you're wondering if the Blu Vivo Air is the right phone for you, eh? Well, you've certainly got some questions, no doubt, and we're here to help answer them for you.

The Vivo Air is a unique smartphone, with some eye-popping specs and a surprising price tag. But there's more to it than just being thin and affordable. And so, here's what you need to know about the Blu Vivo Air.

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Help! My Android has malware!


What to do if you think you've got an infected Android phone or tablet

We've talked about antivirus apps for Android a little, specifically if you really need to use one at all. It's a good thing to talk about and sort through all the FUD and nonsense about malware on our smartphones and tablets.

Today, we're going to talk about what to do if you think you might be infected by malware. There's always plenty of discussion (and sometimes a bit of fear-mongering) about how to prevent malware on Android, but very little about what to do if it happens to you. Prevention is still the best idea, whether it's from careful monitoring of the things you do or by using an app to monitor for you, but you can survive a malware attack.

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1 day ago

Top free antivirus apps for Android


There are a ton of options when it comes to antivirus apps on your Android phone or tablet — but there are only a handful of truly free ones. Many offer free features, with more robust features available as at a premium or subscription basis. You can get just as many great features from an unrestricted free app however. And in this case we're talking all-the-way free.

So while we still contend that you don't necessarily need a virus scanner on Android, it's still a conversation we're going to have, and we're going to look at some of the apps that are currently available.

All of these apps offer the basics like virus and malware scanning, but a few also have features that go beyond, like app managers, app locks, privacy controls, phone finder, remote wipe and more. So if you're looking for a great free antivirus app for Android, look no further than these apps.

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Can't watch the Super Bowl? Use these Android apps instead


Whether you're just 'in it for the commercials' or you're cheering on a team, you can watch from mobile if you have to

We can't all be comfortably seated in the best spot in the living room with a huge plate of wings and a threatening glare toward anyone who dares to even think about touching the remote control this Sunday night. For reasons passing understanding, Super Bowl Sunday is not a national holiday yet. As a result, you may have obligations that put you somewhere that doesn't have the big game playing. The good news is there are mobile options if you're able to watch. The bad news is, if you want to watch live, there's not a lot of them.

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1 day ago

iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount review


Hold me tender with this smartphone car kit

The iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount is quite a mouthful. It's also quite a handful when you pick it up, as it resembles some sort of unholy union between a medieval torture device and a siege engine. Don't get me wrong, the iOttie is a wonderful mount with a lot of bells, whistles, and especially a lot of moving parts. It's also sporting a budget friendly price, but do all those moving parts add up to a stand that's worthy of your dashboard or a massive mechanical migraine?

Stick around.

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1 day ago

The world seems to be ending in Mophie's first Super Bowl ad


Smartphone battery case company Mophie has decided to join the Super Bowl TV commercial train for the first time this year, and they have already posted their 30-second commercial online. The ad shows the entire world on the brink of destruction.

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Moto G (2014) with LTE goes up for sale in Brazil


After first rearing its head roughly a month ago, the new LTE version of Motorola's second generation Moto G is now available for sale in Brazil.

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