Just in time for Valentine's Day, Samsung gave us a rather unpleasant treat by stopping its rollout of Android 8.0 Oreo for the Galaxy S8. Some users in countries like Germany, France, Poland, and others were able to successfully download and use the new software, but for everyone else, they're at the mercy of Samsung until it decides to push out a new build.

Samsung didn't specifically say why the current Oreo update was pulled, but it's assumed there was a bug the company deemed big enough to stop its distribution.

A few of our forum users shared their thoughts about this news shortly after it broke, and this is what they had to say.


If they pulled it, implies issues. I will stick with what works


Yeah. Samsung (or any other OEM) doesn't just arbitrarily pull updates without a reason. Whether or not Samsung says why is largely irrelevant.


Agreed. We want those issues to be dealt with and worked on so we do not encounter (as many) bugs when we download the update.


Yeah, I understand. Coming from Apple, I am more used to regular updates.


Now, we'd like to hear from you – What do you think about Samsung pulling its Oreo update for the Galaxy S8?

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