Seidio 4500mAh battery for Galaxy Note 2


The Galaxy Note 2 already packs a pretty sizeable battery, but one of the perks of having a removable cell is the option to upgrade it for a larger one. Whether you're looking for just that extra bit of capacity or want to have a spare for a day when you know you're going to drain the phone, Seidio is offering a 4500mAh replacement that offers extra juice for those who want it.

Hang around after the break to see a few impressions of this extended battery and see how it effects the usability of a device that is already quite large.

Seidio 4500mAh battery for Galaxy Note 2Being constrained by the battery slot in the back of the Note 2, the Seidio replacement battery is naturally going to be thicker — about twice as thick to our eyes — than the stock unit. The battery of course comes with a replacement back plate that mimics the same look and feel as the stock Samsung one, with the extra bulge necessary to fit the battery.

Even though the battery is primarily concentrated in the middle of the back plate, the shell tapers off smoothly from the high point down to the sides making it a little easier to hold. There are recessed areas at the top and bottom for the camera and S Pen slot, which is a nice touch. The one issue we came across was getting the back plate off as it doesn't remove as easily as the stock one, likely due to the differences in curvature and the battery raised in the middle.

The increase in thickness is hard to ignore on a device that is already so big and wide, but if you're willing to put up with the extra girth you're going to get a serious boost in battery life. Those with the Note 2 know that it performs pretty darn well in terms of battery life with its stock 3100mAh cell, so bumping up almost 50 percent to a brand new 4500mAh battery is going to make a difference.

If you're in need of even more battery life on your Note 2 and can put up with some extra thickness, give the Seidio Innocell 4500mAh extended battery a good look. It's available from for $64.95 with either white or black back plates to match your device.