Because it's a day ending in Y, we're starting the morning off with yet another Samsung Galaxy S8 leak. Today's leaked shots, showing the GS8 and GS8 Plus, come via SlashLeaks from a screen protector manufacturer, clearly revealing both handsets and offering us an valuable size comparison.

We're also treated to some close-up shots of the GS8 in black, showing off a polished metallic frame, a SIM tray up top and headphone jack and USB-C ports down below. The GS8's Always-On Display feature seems to have been overhauled too, with a starscape pattern decorating the display as it shows the time and charging indicators. Also note that the on-screen time appears to change from shot, so we're likely dealing with a live Galaxy S8 here, and not a plastic dummy unit of the type often used to test accessories.

The shots are among the clearest of live Galaxy S8 units to date, and seeing both size options next to each other also gives us some point or reference in terms of just how much bigger the enormous S8 Plus will be. (Be sure to let us know which one you'd buy down in the comments!)

We'll find out more as we approach the phone's March 29 announcement date, so stay tuned!

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+


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