If speed is something you crave, by choosing the Android OS you chose the faster browser without even realizing it. Blaze Software conducted an extremely intensive study on browser speeds, and after 45,000 tests they were able to conclude that the Android browser was much faster then the iPhone using Safari. The average load time on an Android device was 2.1 seconds, while the iPhone was stuck at 3.2, which is 52% faster, a huge improvement.

Sure, the number may seem small, but if you browse the web a lot, or visit forums or anything where multiple pages are loaded in order to get where you need to be, the difference can be seen. Even with the "improvements" to the JavaScript that iOS 4.3 was supposed to bring, the results were not swayed for the iPhones favor, and the Android remained victorious. The tests were comparing and iPhone 4 running 4.3 to a Nexus S running 2.3, and full information regarding this study can be found at Blaze Software. [Blaze via Gizmodo]