Verizon Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean

Friday's the day, folks, when the Verizon Galaxy S3 finally gets its official Android Jelly Bean update. The carrier has been teasing us with the support docs for a couple days now, and finally it's announced that Dec. 14 is the day the update will begin -- albeit in "phases," which is par for the course and means you might not get it first thing. Verizon says we should all be able to pull it manually within a week or so.

Also, Verizon says, the update will make it ISIS ready, which means the phone will work with the NFC-payment solution that's competing against Google Wallet.

Source: Verizon; More: Verizon Galaxy S3 forums


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Verizon Galaxy S3 gets Jelly Bean starting Dec. 14


*blinks* what software has ever been a life changing event....well other then trying out Windows 8 which feels like going to Hell.

Additionally, the EVO LTE post was alerting that the update was available NOW. This is not the same kind of post, and there's still plenty of time for Verizon to say, "Oh wait a minute, we forgot to put the eggs in the cake batter. Gotta start over now."

All I know is that the Evo LTE "wins"!!! LOL For a short time there, I actually thought the V S3 would get it first.

I had Jelly Bean on my Sprint GS3 before porting to Verizon this past Sunday. Going back to ICS felt like a huge downgrade. I am eagerly awaiting the OTA update.

Welcome to the Party, can you shut the lights out when you are finished?

I have to say that I am not surprised they were late, but damn this late?

I wonder if you do Clear Data on the Google Services Framework, if it will allow you to pull the update tomorrow instead of waiting for Verizon's "phases".

I was wondering the same thing and started trying earlier today. No dice, but I'm still trying as I speak, and type. Lol.

I'm kind of hesitant because last time I did that, it seems to have messed up my phone relation and my google play account.

So were you trying this on a Nexus device or some other device? I tried it on my VZW Nexus and had to make several attempts before it grabbed the JB udate, and it didn't bother anything. Nor did it bother my GS3......yet. Let's hope not though. And woke up this morning and haven't gotten any OTA yet.

Tried it on my S3. After that I noticed when I went to the Google Play store, and downloaded an app to send to my device, it said it was incompatible and did not list my phone. Very weird.

In order to compete against google wallet you first have to allow google wallet on the phone. Verizon clearly does not allow that.

Has anyone started a class action against Verizon yet for blocking Google Wallet? Or have they just been reported to the FTC?

I was wondering the same thing. But first let them make Isis available on the phone. That way we have an actual complaint to file suite or a claim to the FTC to look at. But I am all for Google Wallet having a fair chance against a competing service. Of course I would be informing everyone I know that Google Wallet is available as well. Verizon gets enough of my money as it is, I don't need or want them taking another slice of the pie I am dishing out.