T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2

Here's your reminder that the promised software update for T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is now available. The 73-megabyte update brings the following improvements:

  • New multi-window feature
  • Resolves Exchange calendar events not appearing on device Calendar
  • Resolves issues with being unable to swipe through Gmail messages

If you've yet to see the multi-window thing, check out our full video of it from a couple months ago. It's definitely worth tapping a couple buttons and updating your phone -- which ... erm, is pretty easy to do anyway. 

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Reader comments

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 multi-window update now live


I dont understand why they (samsung?) give you this incredible feature but then limit its function: you cant put any app in any order you want (you can, but you have to root the phone...what bs!)

This update is a wonderful addition to an already industry leading device and i am proud of Tmobile towing the line that Samsung has implemented and not going against the grain as agreed before release of the Galaxy Note 2. The current abilities of the Tmobile version of the Galaxy Note 2 multi Window feature has so far a total of 15 working applications robust applications. Chrome browser, Samsung and it's stock browser, Gmail, Google Talk, Google Maps, Youtube, Exchange email, stock gallery, video player, Snote, Tmobile Tv, Polaris office, facebook, twitter, and stock messaging application. All these application stated can be arranged in any order you please. These are well thought out applications no doubt but i would have placed Google Plus, Skype, and maybe even Netflix in their to. Hopefully added applications will arrive in the future 4.1.2 or 4.2 update coming soon. These chosen applications for the multi Window feature on the Tmobile version is far better than what those boys over their on Verizon got on it's ''So called Galaxy Note 2 ask them what they got in it's multi Window feature they are far from the same that's for sure. My buddy has a custom rom on his Galaxy Note 2 so he has the ability to use any application on his device which was crazy kool when i didn't have the feature on my Note 2. Now my Galaxy Note 2 is crazy kool so i am happy. Nothing on the market today or down the road in the coming 6 to 8 months will top this devices unless it's the expected Galaxy Note 3.....

Even Phandroid knows Verizon got the watered down muti window feature. Be happy to be on Tmobile and Sprint as well as At@t carriers that played by the rules as agreeded upon with Samsung and released the intended device not some made up cosmetically and internally altered device such as the Verizon model....://phandroid.com/2012/12/17/t-mobile-galaxy-note-2-update/

Nothing on the market today can top this device... except the Nexus 4. And the Optimus G. And the Droid DNA.

Yes it does allow for our. At the bottom of the icons there is an button push that and then press and hold the icon to move it around.

I spoke with ATTs Executive Response team yesterday and they have NO idea when an update for ATT will be pushed. You get the standard answer. "We Fee Your Frustration." LMAO

Do you really? ATT execs get free phones and the latest and get everything first. So its a joke. I lambasted them for being late to the party as always.

Here is the number if you want to call: Damion LaFeber 336.286.5477 He works for the CEO of ATT..

I have the AT&T version of the phone and the best thing I did was root and install the Jedi-X rom. The phone is faster, and better then ever. Running Android 4.1.2, multi-window, with any app, and removed all the ATT bloatware.

I installed it today first thing this morning. It works. I'm glad to have it, but I don't know why I expected to be razzle-dazzled by it.

A big hip, hip hurray goes to T-Mobile for not leaving us in the lurch like some other mobile companies do. (jaja sounds like "flint")

The update won't download claiming my new phone has been "modified". Haven't rooted or anything yet, simply added Nova Launcher. Switched back to TouchWiz and it is still mad at me. Anyone else run into something similar?

I received the same thing when trying to do the OTA upgrade. Same here didn't "modify" the device. I was able to get the upgrade by using Samsung Kies (desktop software).

Make sure your device is at least 50% charged and once you connect it, it will prompt you to install the update.

Since Mobilicity and WIND Mobile customers use the T-Mobile version, hopefully it'll land real soon up here in Canada for these two carriers. I know someone who's been complaining to me that Samsung hasn't released a feature that was promised to her through their ads.