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The launch of the Galaxy Note 2 might be imminent, but it seems Samsung hasn’t forgotten owners of the original Note. A new over-the-air update is going out today for the international Galaxy Note (GT-N7000), adding a whole host of new features from the Galaxy S3 and Note 2. The update, which is still based upon Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, introduces Note owners to features like Pop-up Play, a new Note 2-style 3D gallery app, lock screen and home screen enhancements and ‘S Cloud’ contact back-up, to name but a few. Overall, there are some pretty sweeping changes to the phone’s UI. The inclusion of S Cloud in particular is interesting, as this has yet to be officially unveiled, but was spotted on some of the Galaxy Note 2 demo units at IFA last week.

The update to version XXLRQ is curretly pushing out over-the-air and through Kies to unlocked Galaxy Note devices in Germany, and we’d expect other territories and networks to follow in the weeks ahead. Some, like the U.S. LTE models, may have a little longer to wait.

Today’s Note update is also good news for Galaxy S2 owners. It’s now likely that phone will get this latest package of software goodies too, regardless of whether Jelly Bean for the S2 ever materializes.

If you’ve got an international Galaxy Note and have received today’s update, hit the comments and let us know how you’re getting on.

via SamMobile, XDA; Thanks, @android_indian!


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Software update brings S3 and Note 2 features to original Galaxy Note


Update went smoothly and "root" maintained. Had to remove default German apps that are useless to us in the UK/ As you will gather, I am in the UK but bought my Note from

OH PLEASE, can you tell me if the update brings the alarm if you start to leave the S-pen behind? I do that all too often and would really like the alarm feature. I'm sure we'd all love to hear details on the update. Thanks.

What software version is it? Did it add anything new?
But I hope sgs2 gets it also ! Maybe someone can port em to the epic 4g touch then.

I will update to this when Kingdroid has been updated to the new base. I am not interested in TouchWiz at all though (I use Nova Launcher Prime) but the other additions are interesting.

Cool, glad to see an update adding features instead of taking them away (Universal search). C'mon AT&T!

Great scoop Alex. Thanks for letting us know about the update. I've been looking for details and have read other articles and most of the bloggers or other sites point right back to you! Congratulations. I've been part of Android Central since I was tapping my feet waiting for the Galaxy Note to finally get to the states. I really appreciate this site for all the information I've gotten here. Now if you can just tell me that the update will give me the S-pen alarm, I'll send you a care package of the best brownies ever!

I live in Kuwait and i recieved my update on Tuesday 4th. The biggest change is the battery life. My battery used to discharge around 40% of power while im sleeping (6 hours). Now it only discharges only 5%. I dont know how they did it, but im beyond happy. Also Touch seems more responsive, however im not seeing any changes with the gallery. I was kinda hoping they'd stop the annoying tilt effect.

Successfully and smoothly upgraded through Kies on Sep 06. I didn't receive any post to my phone, except for Drippler news, which forwarded this post from AC. Just connected the phone to the PC, opened Kies, followed instructions and voilà!
Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Been in Australia, we don't get regular or current updates, been months behind most regions. All thanks to our service providers and their bloatware.

Given that, the more savvy of us tend to frequent xdadevs and download the latest roms. Usually the latest rom is german, all good.

A reminder for those updating using anything other than samsungs own ota or kies updates, ICS 4.0+ has an eMMC issue that can brick (kill) your phone, with no way beyond a complete replacenment to revive the device. the eMMC bug involved factory resets, a standard requirement for those who update their roms manually, all to avoid glitched in their device from redundant and old data that can stay in the phones storage if you don't factory wipe. Those with gingerbread do not need a save kernel to do the wipe. **Reminder, you need a safe kernel if you are in ICS and want to do a wipe. Safe kernels are custom kernels that say they are made safe by disabling some samsung code to do with factory wiping.

The usual trick to manually updating and reducing the risk is to flash a root mod in recovery mode, backup using titanium backup, sms backup & restore and its call log equivalent. Next if your using >4.0.x ICS you will need to flash a factory reset safe kernel such as the hardcore speedmod k3-13 with Odin Mobile Pro on the play store, then boot into recovery mode, factory wipe, clear dalvic and maybe battery stats.

Reset phone and go into flash mode, download Odin 1.85 for windows, download xxlrq from samfirmware, update using Odin under PDA.

Reboot phone, apply the root again under recovery, boot up, install Mobile Odin Pro again, then use it to install a safe kernel once again E.g. Hardcore Speedmod. Reboot and load up titanium backup and the other apps and then your all set. Latest rom with root and a nice kernel.

Yes its a simplified guide but thats pritty much what you need to do if your not one of the lucky ones to get the ota update.

There is always the small chance of killing your phone, do it if you are confident and don't mind some risk.

As for the update, ITS FAST, its nice. The new features are handy and if you like touchwiz, then you will be please, its very very nice.

I think its worth it. For more indepth guides, do a google search or ask the lads.

Truth is, most guides don't give you everything you need to know, supplying only part of what you need.